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SCUBA diving spots and resources on gogobot!

Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary

One of America's greatest underwater treasures. This is a coral wonderland in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Biodiverse and beautiful.

Poseidon Dive Center

Excellent, top-notch dive center. They have a spectacular pro shop downtown and a lovely boat for their daily excursions out to the coral reefs. The staff is warm, friendly and very professional. I had an amazing time with these folks and the reefs they brought me to were simply amazing....

Apex Shark Expeditions

This is the most intense, mind-boggling "structured" shark encounter on Earth. Join renowned photographer and conservationist Chris Fallows (of "Air Jaws" fame) in spotting breaching great white sharks and then diving with the beautiful beasts off of Seal Island in False Bay. Amazing....

South Water Caye Marine Reserve

Beautiful underwater wonderland. Some of the best reefs in the Caribbean!

Shark Reef Marine Reserve

Fantastic reef with abundant soft corals and protected for the sake of the plentiful sharks that call this ocean corridor home. I dove the reef with Beqa Adventure Divers and had a wonderful experience exploring the colorful reef, its wrecks and amazing wildlife. And - even though this is not "the...


Despite the nasty conflict between Aqua-Trek and Beqa Adventure Divers (BAD) as to who is the legitimate Beqa Lagoon shark diving specialist, I highly enjoyed my time diving with Aqua-Trek. The local guides were very knowledgeable, safety conscious and friendly (I'd say more so than BAD), and the...

Bamboo Reef Enterprises

Although there are a number of great dive operators on the Monterey Peninsula, Bamboo Reef stands heads and shoulders above the rest. Very knowledgeable and service-oriented, the friendly staff are able to expertly assist you with anything from the purchase of new dive computer or as a guide on...

Sargasso Sea

A swirling vortex offset to the west of center in the Atlantic Ocean. This is a wonderland of floating seaweed, migrating whales, baby eels and rich reservoirs of life. It needs our protection - let's turn it into a park!

The Wall

Dramatic wall dive directly off Carrie Bow Cay. The top of the wall is around 85 ft and then it just drops off into the abyss. Water is stunningly clear and thriving with sea life. Saw a hawksbill turtle and an abundance of creole wrasse and crinoids. Amazing dive spot....