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Looking for some recommendations on what to do for 1.5 days in Austin!

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Connie Pistilli recommended Torchy's Tacos
Torchy's Tacos1311 South 1st St., Austin, TX 78704
Some of the most inventive and delicious tacos I've ever had can be found in a food trailer park. I tried their special taco, The American with fried chicken, The Republican with italian sausage, ... read more
Trailer Park with fried chicken and the Green Chile Pork. The pork was definitely the winner even though it was the most typical of all the choices. There's a large covered seating area in the lot so you can enjoy your food without melting in the sun.
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Connie Pistilli recommended Lustre Pearl
Lustre Pearl97 Rainey Street, Austin, TX, United States
Lustre Pearl is a gem of a bar on the hipster Rainey Street. Going for that shack chic look, each room inside has a ton of character with exposed wood and vintage fixtures. Get their speciality ... read more
strawberry infused moonshine, bring it outside (or chill in the AC rooms inside if it's sweltering out), grab a hula hoop or ping pong paddle for some extra fun. There's also a taco truck parked out back if you're hungry for some small bites.
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Connie Pistilli recommended Frank
Frank407 Colorado Street, Austin, TX
Frank serves up some doggone delicious gourmet dogs in a uber hipster space. Skip the plain dog and go for their artisan ones. I had the Notorious PIG - Housemade pork, bacon, jalapeno & sage sausage ... read more
with macaroni & cheese, Texas BBQ sauce - basically a heart attack waiting to happen. Their waffle fries are a must order - get them dressed up with chili cheese. Don't forget to check out their shop in the back where you'll find kitschy gift items like PBR flasks and cans of Marshmallow Fluff.
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LaRaye Rushing recommended Lucy's Fried Chicken
Lucy's Fried Chicken2218 College Ave, Austin, TX, United States
This is the second location for Austin's Lucy's Fried Chicken. It's an amazing place. The atmosphere alone is worth the visit. So relaxed and fun. The entire place is painted in vibrant, warm colors. ... read more
The walls, the tables, the chairs, the jukebox inside...makes such an inviting atmosphere. Oh, and the food! Probably THE best fried chicken I've had. I'm a huge mac and cheese fan. I've had all kinds and I really feel like the most simple mac and cheese is gonna be your best bet. You'll always come back to it because you know what to expect and it has the feeling of home about it. Their mac and cheese was exactly that. I enjoyed every second of this place and can't wait to go back.
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LaRaye Rushing

This would be a good dinner stop after you visit Torchy's for lunch. Austin loves it's food trucks! Torchy's and Lucy's are both places that started out as a food truck and grew into a huge following allowing them to move into brick and mortars. They have one down south and up north for whichever side of town you land on. Happy trails and tummies.

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