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So I'm still trying to get my act together for this last-minute trip. I've always wanted to do the BVI as well...but it seems like getting there is as bad as going to Europe, if not worse. I hate big resorts. Does anyone have recommendations for places in the BVI that don't cost an arm and a leg and are not too remote?

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A lot depends on your tastes and funds, but let's say you are like me taste-wise. There's actually a bit to do on Tortola itself (provided that's were you fly into (likely). If you are adventurous enough to drive on the opposite side of the road then rent a car. Sage Mountain, Cane Garden Bay (Myett and Quito's), Brewer's Bay, full moon party at Trellis Bay, ferry to Virgin Gorda isn't too pricey or to Norman Island and the eats at Pirates Bight (Willy T's if you are into drinking and the occasional flashing of folks).

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