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I'm coming in January want to know if it it is very dangerous? Can I go to La Boca alone?

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Arlo Hemphill recommended La Boca
La BocaBuenos Aires, Argentina
One of BA's most iconic neighborhoods. The beating European heart of a South American nation.
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Arlo Hemphill

Hi Victor,

Buenos Aires is as safe and as dangerous as any major city. It has it's share of crime, and I'd be particularly careful with illegal taxi drivers, but if you use good sense, you shouldn't have any problems. Going to the La Boca on your own is fine and you'll have a blast. Of course, this applies to a 'normal' visit. If you wander off into dark alleys at night or otherwise expose yourself to dangerous situations, you could run into trouble - just as you would in New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Bangkok... BA is a very large city and feels New York-like at times. But play safe and the city will treat you well.

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