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I will be in Capri for the weekend and need some suggestions for Hotels and things to do. I prefer 4-5 star modern style hotels, preferably on or right by the beach. As far as things to do, I am looking for Adventure!

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Wana Ursiripant recommended Villa Jovis
Villa JovisVia Tiberio, Capri 80071, Italy
Villa Jovis is situated in th Norteast of Capri. You can reach it from Piazza Umberto I then take Via Le Botteghe, Via Fuorlovado, Via Croce and Via Tiberio. or the other way you can start at Piazza ... read more
Umberto I, take Via Longano, Via Sopramonte and Via Tiberio. It takes about 45 mins. or one more hour if you slowly walk up. You should never disappoint if you come on top, great view here.
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