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I'm interested in renting a sailboat (with skipper) to visit some of the islands. Does anyone have ideas of how to go about this? Thanks in advance!

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Nomadic by Nature recommended Royal Suva Yacht Club
Sometimes they ask for membership, but usually if you tell them you are just traveling through they are fine with it, or else usually someone there is happy to sign you in. The food is worth missing, ... read more
but it is the best place in town to have beers on the water. Check out all the old salts who came to paradise and never left.
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Nomadic by Nature

Depends on what islands you want to see, but I would ask these guys for recommendations. They also have a notice board inside, for people looking for boats, or people with boats looking for people.

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Nomadic by Nature recommended Tui Tai Expeditions
Tui Tai ExpeditionsP.O. Box 474, Savusavu, Fiji Islands.
This is one of my favorite experinces of all time, however, it is not cheap. Take a five or seven day cruise starting from Savu Savu and going up to the Ringold Atolls and Rabi to dive and meet the ... read more
unique aultures living there. End with diving in Taveuni, or go back to Namena. There are also mountain bikes, paddle boards, kayaks, and fishing gear on board. The staff is super friendly and professional, and the foos is excellent. If you can afford this, DO IT!!!
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Nomadic by Nature

This is one of to coolest things I have ever done, ever. The boat is small enough that it feels like your own, and you can go to some of the best islands in the archipelago.

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