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Looking for great restaurants for my family and me when we're there in June. We're also hitting Rome and Venice if you have any recs for there...

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Keane recommended Open Baladin
Open BaladinVia degli Specchi 6, Rome 00186, Italy
It's a bit sad that my best meal in Rome thus far is a burger and beer. But let me tell you, Open Baladin is legit. I've tried a lot of burgers around the world and the Capri Burger here is one of the ... read more
best I've had. The meat is juicy, the bread (made by Bonci of Pizzarium) is soft and flavorful, and the mozzarella and basil... delicious. Pair that with some of the best potato chips and finest ketchup in the universe, and a huge selection of craft beers from around the world (including several selections from Italy), and you have an amazing meal. All beers cost only 5 per serving, which is a better price than pretty much every other pub in Centro Storico. You MUST come here if you love beer. Aim for noontime if you'd rather not wait with the night crowd.
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If you like craft beer, this place is Heaven. The food is also quite amazing. One of the best burgers I've ever had in my entire life. I did not think this would happen in Italy.

Keane recommended Flavio al Velavevodetto
Flavio al VelavevodettoVía di Monte Testaccio 97, 00153 Rome, Italy
Velavevodetoo!! ("I told you so!!") A beautiful restaurant located in the heard of Testaccio, Flavio al Velavevodetto has both outdoor and "underground" seating. Inside, diners can see out into the ... read more
mound in which the restaurant sits within, a clear view of the ancient earthen vases that create the mound. The food and wine here are great. You can order from Rome's trinity of pastas: carbonara, amatriciana and cacio e pepe. Each was made wonderfully. This is a suitable restaurant for a casual meal or a date. Wonderful service and a comfortable atmosphere.
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Really cool restaurant with great food and a historic setting.

Keane recommended Burro e Sugo
Burro e SugoVia Elvio Pertinace 1, Rome 00145, Italy
I think dining out should be a comfortable experience, like dining at home but entirely more social. I don't think it should cost a lot (unless you're fine dining), and I don't think it should last ... read more
under thirty minutes (unless you're pregnant). I've eaten at Burro e Sugo twice during my visit to Rome, and I have to say I really enjoy this restaurant. I like how the menu options are set out easily so you can have a sample of every course. The environment is cozy and the staff are really friendly, particularly the proprietor, Christian, who welcomes both Italian and the occasional non-Italian diners with energetic friendliness. Everything is tasty, but I was most impressed by the delicious pomodoro bruschetta, the pappardelle with cinghiale and the homemade limoncello. The latter was better than anything I had around Naples, where they apparently invented the stuff. Close to the Metro, fun times and lots of food. All things that lead to fun Roman times.
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This one is a very neighborhoody restaurant with affordable prices and a friendly staff. It was about 20 euros for a full course meal, including dessert and an aperitivo.

Jim Barton recommended Sorrento
Didn't really see much of Sorrento, just the harbor mainly. I did however book a sailboat tour of Capri that departed from and arrived back in Sorrento. It turned out to be a fantastic day and a great ... read more
decision. Four people I met in the hostel in Naples came down with me. We were greeted by the owner of the sailboat his sister and her son. We left Sorrento and had a tour of Capri which lasted about 5 hrs. I highly recommend doing something like this if you are in Sorrento or Naples.
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