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Alex L recommended Mombasa
Arab forts. Portuguese architecture. Perfect palm-fringed beaches. Clear turquoise water. Kenyan culture. Fusion food by default, with a population that has included residents from China, India, North ... read more
Africa, Great Britain, and surrounding East African nations. The train to Mombasa is one of the best parts about coming here. You're guaranteed to see giraffe, elephants and other wildlife from your dining car seat.
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Alex L

I think a few days on the coast wouldn't be too crowded. Well, I guess crowded is relative. I'll suggest some spots inland, as well.

Albert Otieno recommended Masai Mara National Reserve
This is the place in my country where the community is still practicing purely African culture and also their are some animals which are wild like lion but to them they fight with them to the point of ... read more
killing them and they are not using guns but their traditional ways of fighting with them
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Albert Otieno

I am Kenyan citizen I love visiting the national parks more than being in the ocean port and again in the park I will be able to learn many thing from the animal because am love studying the animal world

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