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JP Kaulmann recommended Auberge Dab
Auberge Dab161, avenue de Malakoff, Paris 75116 France
This is by far my favorite restaurant in Paris. I was introduced to it by a work colleague when I lived there and we ate there often. Additionally, I often took visiting family/friends there as well ... read more
as customers. The atmosphere is wonderful, the food divine, the staff is incredibly knowledgeable and the service is top notch. Do make a reservation well before hand though if you want to go during normal dinner hours as guests tend to keep their tables all evening. They serve predominately seafood but also have steak and a few other variants on the menu. This is a MUST on your to do list during a visit to Paris. You can thank me later. Enjoy!!!
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JP Kaulmann

I recommend this place. My favorite place in Paris!

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