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best mid price hotel in old town

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Arlo Hemphill recommended Cafe Cultura
Cafe CulturaRobles 513 y Reina Victoria, Quito, Ecuador
Very nice, full-service boutique hotel in the heart of Quito lively Mariscal Sucre district. A great option for maintaining a good level of comfort and pampering while also immersing into the ... read more
Ecuadorian experience.
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Arlo Hemphill

Hi Tamara,

There are actually not many nice hotels in the old city. Most people stay mid-town, near the Mariscal District, and travel to the old town in the daytime to see the sights. A lot of the old palaces were converted into poor housing in the mid 20th Century, bringing the quality of the area down and a little dangerous at night. I'm not sure if this counts as mid range - as opposed to high - but the Cafe Cultura is a lovely boutique hotel right in the heart of El Mariscal, and on the side of the tourist district closest to the old city. Its a fantastic spot that merges luxurious comforts with local charm.

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Arlo Hemphill recommended Hilton Colon Quito
Hilton Colon QuitoMariscal Sucre, Quito Canton, Ecuador
So, the Hilton Colon is less charming than my last suggestion, but it's in the same part of town and is pretty much the nicest hotel you can get this close to the old city. The Colon is a bit of an ... read more
older hotel, so its seen better days. However, because of this, it should be less expensive than the newer Marriott and Sheraton options.
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Thanks for the tips! I visited Quito this past April and really enjoyed it. I stayed in the old town area. While not much at night (but nothing a taxi ride could solve) wanted to stay somewhere different. I will check out these places!

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Summer Wilms recommended The Magic Bean Hostal
The Magic Bean HostalJuan Leon Mera, Quito, Ecuador
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