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Switzerland has two high seasons: one in winter for skiing and one in summer. There is no particularly low season. Just plan to go when it is convenient for you and book ahead if possible.

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The weather might be a little chilly - 50s and low 60s (10°-17°C) in most places during the day - but you'll definitely beat summer's high season. Are you also looking for places to go?

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Matthias Hagemann recommended Glarus
nice valley, friendly people, not overcrowded, good for climbing and mountain trips
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Julia P recommended Basel
I really enjoyed spending a few days in Basel. It's a charming little city on the River, with a relatively conservative in fashion (think loads of Birkenstocks) yet creative in art population. The ... read more
Elisabethenkirche is an interesting church which is pretty much non-religious and hosts all sort of performances, while there are also some great art museums and the opera. Early Music (baroque and medieval) is also a specialty in Basel because of one of the world's leading conservatories for its performance being located here. Food is a little expensive, as is coffee, but the city is easy to navigate by tram or bike, and worth a visit.
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Julia P

Not sure where you're headed, but I'd say April is probably a safe bet for avoiding hordes of tourists (not super ski season or summer). Enjoy your trip!

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