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Laurel W recommended C5 Restaurant Lounge
C5 Restaurant Lounge100 Queens Park, Toronto, ON, Canada
We had a drink in the bar area before our dinner reservations. C5 is located in pinnacle of the new Daniel Libeskind designed expansion at the Royal Ontario Museum and is very contemporary looking ... read more
with angular walls and windows. When you enter, there is a striking looking art glass installation by local artist Jeff Goodman, whose work looks somewhat like some of Dale Chihuly’s pieces. Another of his big art glass pieces forms a wall inside the restaurant. From the windows by our table, we could see the buildings of the University of Toronto and the CN Tower in the distance. It is a very attractive venue. The set up of C5's menu is rather unusual. There were three of us. We opted not to do the tasting menu and instead had our choice off the ala carte menu which is set up with a number of options for a five course meal. I split the charcuterie board as a appetizer. It was very tasty. The three of us then shared two servings of the meat sharing platter and two of the vegetable sharing platter, again, both very tasting and interesting. I knew I was in trouble because I could have quit eating before my main course, a handmade linguine with mushrooms, had arrived. I managed to eat some of it but a cheese course and dessert was out of the question, even for my fellow diners, two men with good appetites. Instead, we finished the last of a bottle of wine from a rather quirky wine list which covered a lot of countries and a fair range of prices yet was not a very long list. For our final meal in Toronto, we had an enjoyable time and left feeling very sated.
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Laurel W

Museum and food--great combo.

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Laurel W recommended Richmond Station restaurant
Richmond Station restaurant1 Richmond Street West
This restaurant opened in mid October 2012 as a joint venture between the winner of Top Chef Canada season 2, Carl Heinrich, and Ryan Donovan, known for his butchering skills. The small place is ... read more
located in downtown Toronto but you need to look hard to find the door between a large parkade and another big restaurant. The food is intended to be season and the ambiance casual and fun. When we went there was only dinner service but lunch service was soon to start. The menu is not large but between sharing plates, appetizer and main, along with a chalkboard of daily specials, there was about five to six items to choose from in each category. Some of what we tried was very good, some not quite there yet. Mains were in the mid $20 range. The popular Station Burger was the cheapest at $21. Service was good, friendly and knowledgeable. The wine list was not long but fairly reasonably priced.
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Marie recommended Guu Izakaya
Guu Izakaya559 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada
This restaurant is delicious. Plus, the staff are really welcoming (they cheer and clap when customers arrive, including the kitchen staff)
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