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Hadley Fourie recommended Alba D'Oro Camping
Alba D'Oro CampingVia Triestina 214/b | Ca Noghera - Mestre, 30030 Venice, Italy
this camping site is behind marco polo airport in venice,so staying there will not realy matter what time you arrive in venice. the accomadation is realy nice and self catering
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Julia P commented on this question

I haven't done that particular trip, but working on experience from living in Italy, I'd say if you want to be more sure to get public transport (you can take a bus or motoscafi - boat - from the airport to the city) try to arrive early morning. If you're flying from the U.S. that will be the red-eye. In general, Italian transport starts early and will finish by midnight or so, and you'd be looking at taxis, which will be more expensive. Check with your hotel or vacation rental as well, since they will often arrange an airport transfer for you. (I did that when my family visited me in Rome - we just had them picked up and dropped off at the flat with a private car).

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Phede Zen commented on this question

I suggest you arrive early so you will not miss a day of visit: there is much to see in Venice

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Chris Hawkins commented on this question

Getting there early wont be an issue, the bus service runs long hours and will get you to the islands in a very reasonable time and cheaply. If you get a 3 day ticket you can ride on the bus and the water bus ( vaporetto ) service around the islands.

Once there, the world is your oyster, dump your bags at your hotel ( we liked the ), then walk or vaporetto into the busier parts.

If you want to do the Doges secret itinerary get to the palace early as places are restricted, but you will get an interesting tour of areas most dont know about as well as a walk or two over the bridge of sighs.

Other than that, just wonder, you will find all sorts of interesting places!!!

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