Help Tilly Wright with their trip plan: Went to Washington D.C. for a Wedding

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Andrei Z commented on this question

Typically the best time to book domestic flights is about 90 days before the trip. But it may vary. Here's a helpful article on the topic:

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I typically use Bing Travel's price predictor to help me figure out if I should book now or wait til later.

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Jim Barton commented on this question

Generally it's never too early to book a flight but prices change all the time. Since you are willing to book so far in advance you can be flexible and check various times of the week like maybe fly out Tuesday or Thursday instead of the weekend. One tip as far as a good website to use. Try They consistently put out some of the lowest fares on the net. I always check their prices first. Just spend some time playing with various websites and plugging in different dates or even some other airports nearby.
It's worth it spending a few hours researching for the savings you will make.

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Harold Smith-Franzen (@smithfranzen) commented on this question

Definitely could be too early. If this is domestic, check out Bing Travel for advice on when to buy.

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