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Eric Brink recommended Union Station
I'm a fan of passenger train travel, of which I have not done enough. My longer distance North American experiences have included the California Zephyr (Bay Area to Chicago), the Coast Starlight, and ... read more
the Canadian (Edmonton to Vancouver only). Some day I would like to take the Empire Builder from Portland to Chicago, the Southwest Chief through the Southwest, the Chaleur to the Gaspe Peninsula, the Skeena to Prince Rupert, and maybe even the Talgo train from Seattle to Vancouver. Back in October 2006, it was a gorgeous Indian Summer day in Winnipeg, as I arrived at a very impressive looking Union Station. In a few hours I would be leaving on VIA Rail's Hudson Bay train to Churchill Manitoba. But first there would be lunch at VJ's Drive In and a stroll along The Forks and along the Esplanade Riel to St. Boniface. Afterwards, while waiting to board my train, I spent some time walking about Union Station. I love the experience of big old train stations, from the architecture to the classic seats and the big information board. Union Station itself is a grand beaux-arts structure that was built by the architects responsible for the Grand Central Terminal in NYC. It was operated by the predecessors of the Canadian National Railway and opened in 1912. Union Station used to be a major regional transportation hub and thousands of immigrants once passed through its halls. Its current use is limited to the Hudson Bay and Canadian trains, some regional transit, offices occupied by non-railway tenants, and the Winnipeg Railway Museum.
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Eric Brink

You could put this in your Passport.

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Eric Brink recommended VIA Rail Edmonton
VIA Rail Edmonton12360-121st Street NW, Edmonton, AB T5L 5C3, Canada
The Edmonton Train Station is kind of out in the middle of nowhere. The station itself is unremarkable and has a temporary feel about it. However, you can see the neat Edmonton skyline at a distance. ... read more
In the past, I'm sure that the VIA Canadian Train dropped off their Edmonton-bound passengers at an architecturally interesting station and closer to the majestic Hotel MacDonald and the pretty North Saskatchewan River Valley below. In present day, this station is 8-10 km from there, a short and lonely drive off the Yellowhead Highway (Route 16), near the small City airport, and on the way to a predictable Kingsway Garden Mall. This is where my work colleague and I boarded our train to Vancouver on the VIA Canadian on a crisp snowy April day (and just in time for breakfast). And in a few hours we would be out of the Great Plains and wrapped within the majestic Canadian Rockies.
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Eric Brink

Or Here

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Eric Brink recommended Winnipeg - Churchill Train
The Winnipeg – Churchill train (formerly known as the Hudson Bay and prior to that Northern Spirits) is a bi-weekly passenger train operated by Via Rail. It is the only dry land connection between ... read more
Churchill and the rest of Canada. When I went, the train, which runs through Manitoba and Saskatchewan, left Winnipeg in the evening and arrived in Churchill in the morning two days later. The journey traveled on the Canadian National Railway line north to The Pas where it transfered to the Hudson Bay Railway passing through Thompson and Gillam on its way to the Port of Churchill on Hudson Bay, taking approximately 36 hours. The northern stretch of the Hudson Bay line stoped at many small communities along the way. I enjoyed the leisurely pace and the opportunity to chat with the train employees and many of the residents who depend on this route for their livelihood. "Whistle" stops can be made at any point to let people on or off and it's interesting to watch them appear from or disappear into the wilderness. I saw empty containers loaded on the train at one stop and taken off at the next. The return train would then load these same but now fish-laden containers for the return journey. The poverty that peaked out in various places along the way was also very humbling and troubling. My most memorable sight was watching lots of folks boarding the train at Thompson (an economic and mining centre) after attending to their affairs and then later disembarking to their communities such as Pikwitonei, Ilford and Gillam. After Gillam, the ride was quiet and peacefully desolate. In between, the train took on a busy community centre feel including lots of talk and sometimes games of chance. As is often the case, the train arrived late in Churchill. However, after a few days of "train time", I would have enjoyed being on board just a few hours more......
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Eric Brink

Or you could add a new entry similar to what I did between Winnipeg and Churchill.

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Julia P commented on this question

No problem Neil - you can add your train journey to the Gogobot passport either via individual reviews or by creating a custom collection, which will group the whole trip together. Hope that's helpful!

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