Golden Tulip Airport Amman

Queen Alia International Airport, Amman 39158, Jordan
2 reviews

I had to stay at the Golden Tulip when my flight out of Amman was delayed. It was a decent enough place to catch a nap, but it's definitely a no frills hotel serving airport crews and other people on the cheap.

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    18.83 mi


    18.83 mi from Golden Tulip Airport Amman
    2 reviews


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    16.3 mi

    Fakhr el Din

    16.3 mi from Golden Tulip Airport Amman

    Converted old house now one of Amman's smartest Arabian restaurants.

  • 3
    16.23 mi

    Wild Jordan (the cafe)

    16.23 mi from Golden Tulip Airport Amman
    1 review

    Tel: 6 463 3542 Eclectic/organic/fresh, these are just a few words to describe the menu here. We find that the menu choices satisfy all diners at this restaurant. Whether you are craving a juicy steak or a tofu salad, they’ve got it! The Café uses fresh herbs from local nature reserves and even the menu choices take direct inspiration from ...

  • 4
    16.43 mi

    Shawarma Reem

    16.43 mi from Golden Tulip Airport Amman
    1 review

    Best cheap eat in town! We found out about Shawarma Reem from our private guide/driver. In fact, on the second day we were with him, he stopped the car at this little corner shop and helped us order take out for dinner. Although, if we ever travel back to Amman, we now know Reem only serves one item: shawarma. Easy ...

  • 5
    16.12 mi

    Blue Fig

    16.12 mi from Golden Tulip Airport Amman
    1 review

    Tel: 6 592 8800 A visit here will find you among the wealthy, trendy, artsy, young Ammanis. The menu is labeled as international, but you’ll find local flavor in most dishes. It’s a great place for smoking shisha and relaxing into the evening. Unlike many restaurants in Amman, they serve alcohol of all sorts.

  • 6
    16.02 mi

    Books @ Cafe

    16.02 mi from Golden Tulip Airport Amman
    1 review

    Tel: 6 465 0457 This place is good for drinks (of the adult variety), great for food and awesome for atmosphere! In the summer months the place is packed and you can find yourself spending a lot of your time, and money, here. The venue is a wildly popular amongst the gay and lesbian community in Amman.

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  • 7
    16.18 mi

    Al-Quds Cafeteria

    16.18 mi from Golden Tulip Airport Amman

    Decent size cafe/restaurant situated on Rainbow St, serving local food mainly consisting of lamb/chicken dishes and rice. Quality of the food is excellent, the lamb dishes were particularly delicious, we had the Chicken Mansaf and the meat (lamb) with rice. Also try sides of beans, olives and chillies, washed down with fresh lemon juice. Less than the equivalent of £10 ...

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