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    0.23 mi

    Museo Nazionale Romano

    0.23 mi from Gran Crema
    7 reviews

    Founded in 1889 the museum holds most of the antiquities found in Rome since 1870 as well as existing collections of classical arts. The exhibits displayed in the Palazzo Massimo near the central Termini are originals dating from the 2nd century BC to the end of the 4th century AD. On the 2nd floor particularly are decorations from public buildings ...

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    0.23 mi

    Context Travel Tours Rome

    0.23 mi from Gran Crema
    1 review

    We have taken many Context Travel tours in Europe and the USA. In Rome, they have been great for visiting the Vatican, where there is so much stuff, the docents help you focus on what is important and skip the rest. Or the Coliseum and Imperial Forums, where background information about ancient Roman history helps to understand what you are ...

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    0.84 mi


    0.84 mi from Gran Crema
    515 reviews

    One does not simply travel to Rome without penciling in a trip to the Colosseum first. Perhaps the single most iconic piece of architecture in all the world, the Colosseum lies just south of the Piazza (another must-see destination) in the Centro Storico. Grab a water bottle and your camera, and bust out your best selfie. This shot will be ...

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    0.99 mi

    Trevi Fountain

    0.99 mi from Gran Crema
    402 reviews

    Another of the popular "must do" checklist places in Rome. It is fun yet can be a bit challenging to locate on your own.

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    0.99 mi

    Roman Forum

    0.99 mi from Gran Crema
    178 reviews

    If you're going to be in Rome, this would be the top attraction. While the Colosseum may the symbol of Rome. There is just so much more variety of ruins to see such as temples, bath, & the House of Augustus. Do get the Roma Pass to skip the line & be aware that it may be closed due to ...

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    0.79 mi

    Spanish Steps

    0.79 mi from Gran Crema
    166 reviews

    A little crowded, a lot touristy, but a must-see on any visit to Rome. Great place for people-watching and taking a break from sightseeing.

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    0.96 mi

    Piazza di Spagna

    0.96 mi from Gran Crema
    112 reviews

    At the bottom of the Spanish Steps is the Piazza di Spagna or Spanish Square. The long, triangular square is named after the Spanish Embassy to the Holy See.

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    0.95 mi

    Arch of Constantine

    0.95 mi from Gran Crema
    84 reviews

    This is just too cool to miss. More imposing in person than expected. But hard to do justice in a photo. Lots of tourists almost all times of year, but still do it.

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    0.27 mi

    Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

    0.27 mi from Gran Crema
    58 reviews

    Nice basillica in central Trastevere. Worth a visit if you aren't "churched out" or need a break between eating and drinking.

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    0.37 mi

    Piazza della Repubblica

    0.37 mi from Gran Crema
    41 reviews

    Per me un posto indimenticabile! Occhio al servizio ai tavoli dei bar che la circondano! Si spende esattamente il doppio!!!

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    0.92 mi

    Via dei Fori Imperiali

    0.92 mi from Gran Crema
    23 reviews

    every where you go in Rome you feel the history and even more when you visit a site like this. it's working on your imagination...and always'll have to live with that in Rome

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    0.67 mi

    San Pietro in Vincoli

    0.67 mi from Gran Crema
    25 reviews

    The church of Saint Peter in Chains is notable for Michelangelo's historic statue of Moses, part of the tomb of Pope Julius II.

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    0.85 mi

    San Giovanni in Laterano

    0.85 mi from Gran Crema
    23 reviews

    10 mins walk from the apartment

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    0.92 mi

    Trajan's Column

    0.92 mi from Gran Crema
    23 reviews

    Dedicated in AD 113 as part of Trajan's forum at Rome, this 29-meter (95-foot) high marble column on a square sculpted base celebrated the emperor's military achievements. The detailed spiral reliefs on the shaft of the column, depicting Trajan's Dacian wars (AD 101- 02, 105-06), were probably added after his death as a form of commemoration. Rome’s most impressive novelties ...

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    0.52 mi

    Santa Maria della Vittoria

    0.52 mi from Gran Crema
    18 reviews

    I love me some Bernini. I also love Roman churches. Santa Maria della Vittoria offers the sculpture master's "The Ecstasy of St. Theresa." Looking upon it will have you sharing a similar sensation.

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    0.82 mi

    Capuchin Crypt

    0.82 mi from Gran Crema
    15 reviews

    This is one of Rome's less touristy, but no less worthwhile site. The entire chapel is made from various parts of Monk skeletons... from a hip bone chandelier to a femur photo frame. A can't miss in my book!

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    0.8 mi

    Saint Clement's Basilica

    0.8 mi from Gran Crema
    13 reviews

    Saint Clement's Basilica is another almost literally incredible church in Rome (the Capuchin Crypt being another). It's not just one church. It's a church built on a church built on a church built on a church, going back to the first century AD. As you tour the church, you descend in time. The top layer is a 12th century cathedral ...

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    1.0 mi

    Fontano Di Trevi

    1.0 mi from Gran Crema
    10 reviews

    great place

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    0.83 mi

    Palazzo del Quirinale

    0.83 mi from Gran Crema
    13 reviews

    The palzzo dl Quirinal Palace, the seat of our wonderful President of the Republic. Go when there is a changing of the guard! is a show not to be missed.

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    0.7 mi

    Domus Aurea

    0.7 mi from Gran Crema
    12 reviews

    The Domus Aurea is an palace, built by emperor Nero. Altough it can only be visited with a guided tour, it's a must see in Rome. It's pretty impressing, how huge the area of the domus aurea was.

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