Grand Pyramids Hotel

53 Studio Misr St., EL HARAM, Giza, Egypt
1 review

Its an old resort hotel with pools good view of the pyramids. Its 4 stars but a lot better than the 5 star supposedly, Mercure in the same area. Service is good as well as the buffet during breakfast and dinner. There is even a camel near the pool with a costumed bedouin. Visitors take turn to ride this and ...

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  • 1
    1.74 mi

    Pyramid of Menkaure

    Al Ahram, Al Haram, Egypt
    1.74 mi from Grand Pyramids Hotel
    8 reviews

    Worth the trip, inside there are amazing drawings

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  • 2
    4.91 mi

    The Coptic Museum

    Kom Ghorab, Misr Al Qadimah, Egypt
    4.91 mi from Grand Pyramids Hotel
    8 reviews

    A rare place in the world that highlights the history of the Coptic people in Egypt. Egypt's population is 90% Islamic, the rest are mainly Coptic Christians and this is a great place to learn about how the country got to where it is today!

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  • 3
    4.9 mi

    Religion Compound

    Mari Girgis Street, Cairo Egypt
    4.9 mi from Grand Pyramids Hotel
    4 reviews

    جيد جدا

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  • 4
    4.74 mi


    4.74 mi from Grand Pyramids Hotel
    5 reviews


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  • 5
    4.64 mi


    Cairo, 2 Al Malek Al Saleh St. - Manial Al Rawda, Egypt
    4.64 mi from Grand Pyramids Hotel
    3 reviews

    This is where they used to measure the level of the Nile River so they knew how the harvest would be.

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  • 6
    4.89 mi

    Hanging Church

    Mar Girgis Street, Kaser El Nile Egypt
    4.89 mi from Grand Pyramids Hotel
    3 reviews

    The Hanging Church of Cairo is built over these old Roman baths, in the picture. Inside the hanging church is a Coptic Museum. The Coptic Christian church in Cairo is one of the oldest Christian bodies. There are still many Coptic Christians in Cairo, which makes it culturally diverse, unlike some middle eastern countries.

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  • 7
    4.9 mi

    Church of St. George

    Mari Girgis Street, Cairo 12556 Egypt
    4.9 mi from Grand Pyramids Hotel
    1 review
  • 8
    4.76 mi

    Cairo zoo

    Oula, Giza, Egypt
    4.76 mi from Grand Pyramids Hotel
    1 review
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  • 9
    7.71 mi

    Pyramids of Giza

    Cairo, Egypt
    7.71 mi from Grand Pyramids Hotel
    140 reviews

    Be sure to go the light show at night, so spectacular with the music playing and light show on the pyramids.

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  • 10
    6.38 mi

    Egyptian Museum

    Tahrir Square, Cairo Egypt
    6.38 mi from Grand Pyramids Hotel
    89 reviews

    A great way to see the history preserved. There is sooo much here that it takes a good part of the day to see most of it. Eat before you go!

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  • 11
    7.45 mi

    The Sphinx

    Al Qebleyah, Al Azbakeyah, Egypt
    7.45 mi from Grand Pyramids Hotel
    63 reviews

    The Sphinx was a lot smaller than I imagined, but no less wonderful. Most shocking however, it that is now looking at a KFC (and one that doesn't even know what a proper southern biscuit is).

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  • 12
    7.01 mi

    Great Pyramid of Khufu

    Giza Plateau, Giza 12561 Egypt
    7.01 mi from Grand Pyramids Hotel
    49 reviews

    Breathtaking. Ride out across the desert to really appreciate this magnificent structure. The amazing form and light will capture your imagination.

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  • 13
    6.66 mi

    Khan El Khalili-bazaar

    Cairo, Cairo (Area), Egypt
    6.66 mi from Grand Pyramids Hotel
    56 reviews

    Taste The Local Experience At an Egyptian Qahwa Make yourself comfortable and feel at HOME by tasting a local experience! Ever heard of qahwa or kahwa in Egypt? Kahwa is a very popular place for Egyptians, especially for men, where they get to hang out, drink Egyptian tea or Turkish Coffee, smoke flavored Sheesha hookah pipe and play board games. ...

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  • 14
    8.61 mi

    Al Azhar Park

    Salah Salem Street, Cairo 11562 Egypt
    8.61 mi from Grand Pyramids Hotel
    23 reviews

    There's basically no green space in Cairo that's not a private club--and in a way, this park is private too, because it charges admission. But it's less exclusive than other green spots, and it has a beautiful view across medieval Cairo. It's a great place to hang out and people-watch--families come here with picnics and kids hang out and flirt ...

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  • 15
    7.93 mi

    Islamic Cairo

    Cairo Egypt
    7.93 mi from Grand Pyramids Hotel
    22 reviews

    Sou muçulmano, gosto do islamismo, e é um lugar onde me sinto bem quando vou! la na esquina! ou perto dela! lembra?

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  • 16
    7.93 mi

    The Citadel

    Salah Salem Highway, Cairo Egypt
    7.93 mi from Grand Pyramids Hotel
    25 reviews

    The Fortress of Saladin. Also the Alabaster Mosque

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  • 17
    6.41 mi

    Tahrir Square

    6.41 mi from Grand Pyramids Hotel
    36 reviews

    It used to be one of the worst places in the world to cross the street. Now its name is synonymous with a revolution. When not flooded with protesters, I found it an easy reference point for navigating around the labyrinthine city. It is close to the Nile, the Egyptian Museum, and major hotels. You'll find both Western and local ...

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  • 18
    12.43 mi

    Pyramids of Saqqara

    North Saqqara, Cairo Egypt
    12.43 mi from Grand Pyramids Hotel
    23 reviews

    Dá a impressão que se não for Gizé não é piramide, bom a titulo de curiosidade, a milhares de piramides pelo mundo! cada uma com sua beleza e mistério!

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  • 19
    6.39 mi

    Cairo Tower

    Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
    6.39 mi from Grand Pyramids Hotel
    23 reviews

    Once visited the famous Cairo Tower you will fall in love with Cairo. Amazing view will keep your eyes widely opened and your heart beating quickly! Feel the smell of the Nile river, brought by the wind. Touch the Egyptian sun by your eyelashes... The place you must capture on your photo-shots hundreds times!

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  • 20
    7.01 mi

    Sound & Light Show at the Pyramids of Giza

    Giza Pyramids Plateau, Giza Egypt
    7.01 mi from Grand Pyramids Hotel
    15 reviews

    The Pyramids of Giza are, of course a must see. The evening Sound and Light Show is an excellent introduction. The evening is definitely cooler and the lighting is beautiful!

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