Grano de Oro Hotel

Calle 30, Avenidas 2/4, San Jose 1007, Costa Rica
4 reviews

If I remember correctly, this is where I came for dinner after getting thrown out of a raft on the Pacaure and caught underwater in a hydraulic. Yes, it was recommended as the best restaurant in town...and after almost meeting my maker what I needed. It's the most upscale place I've been in Costa Rica with a continental menu with ...

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Restaurants near Grano de Oro Hotel for Spiritual Seekers

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  • 1
    0.19 mi

    Machu Picchu

    0.19 mi from Grano de Oro Hotel
    2 reviews

    I ate here years ago, but it had been open awhile already back then. It was one of the better meals I had in San Jose. They had great ceviche and made a mean Pisco Sour.

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  • 2
    1.72 mi

    El Cuartel de la Boca del Monte

    1.72 mi from Grano de Oro Hotel
    5 reviews

    This is by far my favorite bar in Costa Rica. It's gets a mixed crowd of young college students and adventure seekers heading out to surf, fish, scuba, zip line, etc...They have a good selection of local beers and mixed drinks. Lively spot with a chill Pura Vida atmosphere

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  • 3
    1.2 mi

    El Patio

    1.2 mi from Grano de Oro Hotel
    2 reviews

    Last night in Costa Rica, spending it in San Jose. Getting a quick drink and dinner in - kinda expensive, and not particular amazing.

  • 4
    2.34 mi

    La Cascada Restaurant, San Jose

    2.34 mi from Grano de Oro Hotel
    1 review

    One of the finest Steak Houses in the world. And the ambiance is second to none. You'll find this gem of a restaurant in the San Jose suburb of Escazu.

  • 5
    3.82 mi

    Pizzería Il Pomodoro

    3.82 mi from Grano de Oro Hotel
    1 review
  • 6
    2.34 mi

    Donde Carlos Parrillada

    2.34 mi from Grano de Oro Hotel
    1 review

    Consistently great food and a great wine list!

  • 7
    2.25 mi


    2.25 mi from Grano de Oro Hotel
    1 review

    If you are going to be renting long - probably worth the $35.00 membership. Big box store with Costco brands.

  • 8
    3.43 mi


    3.43 mi from Grano de Oro Hotel
    1 review
  • 9
    1.11 mi

    Restaurante Nuestra Tierra

    1.11 mi from Grano de Oro Hotel
    1 review

    This restaurant serves typical Costa Rican food which means meat, beans, rice and some sweet plantains. The food is very simple, but still surprisingly full of flavor. The meals are cheap, but substantial and the service is fast and efficient, but not rushed. I liked the atmosphere of the restaurant as well.

  • 10
    4.93 mi

    Mirador Ram Luna

    4.93 mi from Grano de Oro Hotel

    I visited this restaurant many years ago, but looking back on it I really enjoyed it. They have a traditional dance show and at the end gigantas come out. It is touristy, but very enjoyable. The restaurant is located high in the hills of Escazú, and the ride is long and dark. However, the view is fantastic. I would bring ...

  • 11
    3.95 mi


    3.95 mi from Grano de Oro Hotel
    1 review
  • 12
    2.15 mi

    Cafeteria Restaurante Blanco y Negro

    2.15 mi from Grano de Oro Hotel
    1 review

    Nice café with a chic interior decor that illustrates their name (everything is in black and white). They have a nice variety of food options. I particularly liked their desserts, which go well as an afternoon snack with coffee

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  • 13
    1.27 mi

    La Criollita

    1.27 mi from Grano de Oro Hotel

    Serves criollo food (local latin american food). Prices are very reasonable and the portions are generous. The staff is super friendly, and can help customers who aren't proficient in Spanish to order. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as being a good coffee option for an afternoon snack.

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  • 14
    1.42 mi

    Nuestra Tierra

    1.42 mi from Grano de Oro Hotel

    Amusing, built to foreigners restaurant is the best translation to ‘Nuestra Tierra’. It serves good, overpriced local flavors. The overwhelming décor with its hanging ornaments including flags, onions, pots and pans is similar to a Christmas three. The ambiance is slightly uncomfortable with its numerous attendants zig-zagging the floor, persistently checking in with guests — at least for solo souls.

  • 15
    3.71 mi

    Casa de Doña Lela (La)

    3.71 mi from Grano de Oro Hotel
  • 16
    3.02 mi

    Antojitos (Los)

    3.02 mi from Grano de Oro Hotel
    1 review
  • 17
    19.87 mi

    Jalapenos restaurant

    19.87 mi from Grano de Oro Hotel
    4 reviews

    This restaurant is the closest to Casa Doughty and only about five minutes from the house heading south towards Atenas right off Highway #3. They have a variety of Costa Rican dishes and one of our favorites is their delicious home made soups. Another favorite is there huge plate of chicken nachos.

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  • 18
    19.87 mi

    La Trocha restaurant

    19.87 mi from Grano de Oro Hotel
    3 reviews

    Excellent meals for a price so low it's hard to believe. From one of our renters: eat appetizers or share a meal, or go with an appetite!

  • 19
    16.46 mi

    Los Olivos

    16.46 mi from Grano de Oro Hotel
    2 reviews

    Wonderful restaurant in Puriscal for some good Costa Rican Food!

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  • 20
    8.43 mi


    8.43 mi from Grano de Oro Hotel
    3 reviews
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