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  • 1

    Rancho Palos Verdes

    4 reviews

    Beautiful view

  • 2

    Los Angeles

    497 reviews

    There's SO much to do in LA, go outside of your comfort zone & try something new!

  • 3

    Santa Monica

    137 reviews

    Great place to lounge and relax. A mix of foodie heaven and some tourist traps. I hate the crowds during summer and Christmas season. I use to shop a lot on 3rd Street when I worked nearby. Then I explored the city more when I was always there on weekends.

  • 4


    49 reviews

    I love Venice. Cool vibes, surf, stretches of gorgeous beach, bars & shops. The boardwalk is sure to amaze you, performers & weirdness that makes it so fantastic!

  • 5

    Manhattan Beach

    34 reviews

    It's a nice spot....I can see why my sister would move here. It fits into her current life style......really laid back and homely. Not quite where I'd want to go.....but then again not everyone would want to live in Vegas or NY. It has a certain charm that one would not associate with gritty LA. I would think it more ...

  • 6


    36 reviews

    ehhh its nice i guess. didn't have fun as much as people say it is. its like where the 40yr singles hang out.

  • 7

    Culver City

    16 reviews

    Born in Santa Monica in 1954 and lived here until I was 20 years old and could not imagine a better place to grow up. Very small, friendly town where all the store people knew you by name and no one ever was a stranger. Don't know if it still has that quality now, but was the best place for ...

  • 8

    Long Beach

    58 reviews

    I know Long Beach's Beach (near 2nd street) is not as famous as Newport or Laguna, but that's the reason I like coming here!!! If you want a beach that you can go to to relax, sleep, read or simply enjoy a beautiful day without screaming kids or people around you; this place is for you!!! I came here because ...

  • 9

    Redondo Beach

    22 reviews

    Redondo Beach, California has the most beautiful Sunsets in da world

  • 10

    Beverly Hills

    60 reviews

    Visiting Beverly Hills was quite surreal. It was cool to see some of the celeb houses although it was disappointing at times as you could only see their front gate. Apart from Simon Cowell's house where it was fully open and available to appreciate! There were some tours you could pay for but we had hired a car and bought ...

  • 11


    65 reviews

    I love beaches, Malibu is gorgeous. Go outside and explore around Malibu.

  • 12

    West Hollywood

    37 reviews

    Love West Hollywood, very friendly and in the middle of it all!

  • 13

    Hermosa Beach

    20 reviews

    Cute beach town in Los Angeles. They have a pier with great restaurants and shops. The beach isn't as crowded as other beaches in California. Would recommend anyone coming to California to come here for a day. Hermosa the volleyball capital

  • 14


    2 reviews

    Culturally interesting.

  • 15


    11 reviews

    City of Arcadia located East of Pasadena and West of Monrovia. Only have slight over 50,000 population but have several attractions. Cost of Living: * Housing is consider high, but many upper middle class should able to afford some of the housing or rent there. The one near the hill is very pricey. No street parking meter, but overnight parking ...

  • 16


    6 reviews

    Great place to meet people. :)

  • 17

    Rowland Heights

    3 reviews

    Rowland Heights and Hacienda Heights are located very closed together that many people don't even realize when they cross the border from one city to the next. You can basically think of the Azusa Road as the divider between Rowland and Hacienda Heights. Like Hacienda Heights, the city has a ton of good asian cuisine like the well known Class ...

  • 18

    San Gabriel

    8 reviews

    Don't worry kiddies- If there's a place to get lost- you've stumbled on it right here. The epicenter of authentic chinese cuisine, get ready to eat your way through this little city. Pho, dim sum, shanghainese, seafood, ramen, everything you can think of. Just make sure you have plenty of time to waddle on home.

  • 19


    6 reviews

    I grew up in Gardena and I must say that although it is not the largest or most popular city in the South Bay, it definitely has a lot of delicious food joints. Every time I visit, I try to buy all my favorite foods before leaving back to West LA. My favorite taco truck in Gardena is El Antojito. ...

  • 20


    7 reviews

    I am here SO often for the Asian food and plus it's on the way from work to home. SGV - Alhambra, Monterey Park, San Gabriel and Rosemead... Chinese food central Lots of fooooood! As for entertainment... if you are a foodie, then this is your entertainment. I remember the high school days in Hacienda Heights hanging in Tea Station ...

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