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  • 1

    Santa Monica

    California, USA
    143 reviews

    So much fun to play on the gym equipment and hang with the locals

  • 2

    West Los Angeles

    California, USA
    42 reviews

    If not for the parking, I'd say five stars. There are some great neighborhoods here with a ton of food options. Eat to you heart's content and then go enjoy the sunset over the ocean. I love the Sawtelle region and random gems like A Frame. Just be prepared for tons of traffic as you meander through the streets and ...

  • 3

    Manhattan Beach

    California, USA
    66 reviews

    I always tell my friends and family transferring through LAX on their way to Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Asia…to break up their trip and get out of the airport and go to Manhattan Beach. Nothing is worse than just mulling around an airport for hours. If your layover is three+ hours, jump in a taxi and take a mini vacation. ...

  • 4


    California, USA
    50 reviews

    Great place to rent bikes, hang with the local hipsters on Abbott Kinney and soak it all in

  • 5

    Los Angeles

    California, USA
    506 reviews

    This goes out to all you haters. You know the folks that always chant BEAT LA or LA SUCKS. We know you just wish you could be like us. But you aint got chit going for you. We have a world class city with more to do than just about anywhere else period. During winter you can easily ski/snowboard and ...

  • 6

    Beverly Hills

    California, USA
    61 reviews

    You'll feel a little out of place, a la 'Pretty Woman.' This city and famous zip code 90210 is home to many celebrities and affluent people. Great place for high end shopping and people watching.

  • 7


    California, USA
    67 reviews

    I love Malibu. A beach town located just west of Santa Monica, Malibu is a haven for surfers and celebrities alike, providing a serene country environment very close to the city. Those who grow up in Malibu are amazingly sheltered from city life and Malibu really is a world of its own. In Malibu you will find great food, great ...

  • 8


    California, USA
    111 reviews

    In the beautiful city of la you can't miss making a trip out to Hollywood to see the walk of fame and tourist filled sights!

  • 9


    California, USA
    36 reviews

    It is an exciting town to visit. Life happens here. The arts, music, theaters, food, entertainment, shopping and almost everything else you need to make life exciting is available here.

  • 10

    Long Beach

    California, USA
    67 reviews

    I know Long Beach's Beach (near 2nd street) is not as famous as Newport or Laguna, but that's the reason I like coming here!!! If you want a beach that you can go to to relax, sleep, read or simply enjoy a beautiful day without screaming kids or people around you; this place is for you!!! I came here because ...

  • 11

    West Hollywood

    California, USA
    38 reviews

    Love West Hollywood, very friendly and in the middle of it all!

  • 12


    California, USA
    22 reviews

    Avalon... The perfect name for a magic town! I liked Avalon and Catalina so much I moved there for a year! Great weekend getaway... Not too far from the coast plenty to see and do! There is a wide range of restaurants from fine dining to pizza! Quite a few cute Inns to choose from... The swimming and snorkeling is ...

  • 13

    Culver City

    California, USA
    16 reviews

    Born in Santa Monica in 1954 and lived here until I was 20 years old and could not imagine a better place to grow up. Very small, friendly town where all the store people knew you by name and no one ever was a stranger. Don't know if it still has that quality now, but was the best place for ...

  • 14


    California, USA
    4 reviews

    Torrance is a hidden gem in Los Angeles' South Bay and a great way to maximize your travel dollar. Incredible weather, stunning beaches, great shopping, family friendly, quaint museums, picturesque scenery and very close to Southern California's major attractions. There are a wide range of hotel accommodations - from budget to deluxe, and within proximity to the gorgeous stretch of ...

  • 15

    Hermosa Beach

    California, USA
    21 reviews

    One of my favorite things to do in a new large city is find a neighborhood outside of the main touristy areas and spend the day. Hermosa Beach is the perfect version of this for Los Angeles. Sure, Malibu's beaches are more attractive, but Hermosa's beach is lined by The Strand bike path (act out your LA self by renting ...

  • 16


    California, USA
    7 reviews

    Glendale remind me a lot like Pasadena, but smaller and little nicer. It doesn't had the huge sport stadium like the rose bowl or popular school like PCC or Cal Tech. But Glendale is kinda seat in between between east and west urban community in L.A. Downtown is more like a working area and not something you want to bring ...

  • 17

    Universal City

    California, USA
    11 reviews

    Grinchmas at Universal Studios was a pretty cool installment. They had real snow too! Don't go if u don't wanna get beat up by your nieces with snowballs.

  • 18

    Marina del Rey

    California, USA
    20 reviews

    Cool modern architecture, beautiful weather and homes. There are lots of options in terms of activities from dining to gyms but they tend to be chains which is why I give the area 4 stars

  • 19

    Redondo Beach

    California, USA
    25 reviews

    Redondo Beach, California has the most beautiful Sunsets in da world

  • 20

    Studio City

    California, USA
    4 reviews

    On the up and up, nice and peaceful without quite having that valley stench

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