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  • 21

    Boiling Point

    3 reviews

    I've heard so many people tell me Boiling Point is one of their favorite hot pot stores, and I always see a crowd of teenagers and young adults waiting outside, willing to brave the heat to eat some ... hot pot. It really intrigued me - what was the big deal? I didn't find out until about a few months ...

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  • 22

    Father's Office

    37 reviews

    As my fiance always says, FO has "broke da mouth" burgers and sweet potato fries. Though the line outside, plus a longer wait for a seat inside, can be intimidating, it's worth the drive to the west side just for the burger and sweet potato fries duo. With a well-stacked list of quality beers on tap and wines by the ...

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  • 23

    Iota Brew Cafe

    12 reviews

    What an awesome cafe!!! Totally different from your regular coffee shops in the South Bay. IOTA Brew Cafe is a Korean coffee joint that is ultra modern, with giant TVs, a large selection of coffees, iced shakes, desserts, and a giant wall selection of wines! The pistachio/almond iced shake was wonderful! Very hip, modern, and tasty! Come to this place ...

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  • 24

    Roscoe's House of Chicken 'n' Waffles

    This place is fun with a relatively small group (to avoid waiting too long for a table) even for a vegetarian! Just order the waffle and you won't be disappointed. I want to know the secret ingredient that gives them such a different flavor... Nutmeg maybe?

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  • 25

    The Roger Room

    4 reviews

    Not necessarily the cheapest place for drinks, but they do have pretty special drinks I've got to say. My friend wanted to get the Hello Kitty Japanese Maple drink, and it was actually pretty good. I got the Old Sport, and it had a good amount of alcohol in it. They also have absinthe!! Not many places I know has ...

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  • 26

    RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen

    9 reviews

    Overall: 3.5 stars but bumped it up due to excellent service & decor. =) Grilled tiger Shrimps 4 stars Good sized & Yummy but on the Salty side. Singapore mussels - 3 stars - On the spicier side but sauce was too liquidy & needed more Coconut milk. Crab w/ cellophane noodles - 3.5 stars Spicy but too Salty needs ...

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  • 27

    Sanuki No Sato Restaurant

    Go here if you want Good authentic Japanese food. Broth for udon was very flavorful, hearty & tasty..yummy =) Nabeyaki udon: Shrimp tempura, egg, etc in a hot iron pot 4.5 stars A fave here for most people; you won't be disappointed if you order this. It takes a bit of time to cool down since it's in an iron ...

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  • 28

    Pampas Grill

    6 reviews

    A different spin on Brazilian BBQ, Cafeteria style and you pay by the pound. That works for me. Located at the Grove in the LA farmers market. Pampas Grill is a Brazilian charuscaria. You pick your choice of salad, buffet items and finally the meats. Everything is weighed and priced by the pound. The first section is where you'll find ...

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  • 29

    Baby Blues Bar-B-Q

    11 reviews

    Vegetarian? HA! This is Meat Central. Delicious, smoked, basted, fall-off-the-bone rib meat. Sure, you could go "vegetarian" and get a combination of their sides, but if it's for moral purposes you swing in that particular culinary direction, I'd steer clear (do you see what I did there?). It's not the BEST BBQ I've ever had. The cornbread, too, could be ...

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  • 30

    Dave & Buster's

    11 reviews

    This place is awesome! There are a lot of arcade games, and they get new games all the time (the configuration has changed multiple times as I've been there over the course of the past few years, as they've added more games). Check this - the dining room part isn't bad...if you get that "lawnmower salad"...a WORLD of salad, I ...

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  • 31

    Shanghai No 1 Seafood

    5 reviews

    Some of the finest Chinese Restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley were those franchise coming from a China (Sea Habour and King Hua). Their price is a bit higher, but you are getting a higher quality. and better service. The latest popular franchise addition here is Shanghai No.1 Seafood Village. This review based on my two Dim Sum visits here ...

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  • 32

    true food kitchen

    Passed this place tons of time and didn't even look it up. Spacey, healthy and pricey (you pay for what you get). Their vegetarian asian dishes were unique and savory. I wasn't too fond of their drink because I was expecting it to be sweeter. Friend was happy with his kale juice while I added sugar to my cucumber refresher. ...

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  • 33


    2 reviews

    BUGS: I've had ants, scorpions and crickets. If you want something exciting and tasty then I recommend the crickets. If you're not ready to go that crazy then the scorpions are tolerable. The ants/crickets comes with shoe-string potatoes *note: you get two tiny scorpions (one on each shrimp bread) per order* All three bugs were deep-fried and flavored so you ...

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  • 34

    Din Tai Fung Dumpling House

    52 reviews

    Best soup dumplings in all of LA hands down! Worth the wait! Get the juicy pork dumplings and fish dumplings - my favorite! Also the fried rice cake and boba are great as well!

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  • 35

    Carmela Ice Cream

    11 reviews

    Ever since I was given a scoop of Carmela's salted caramel ice cream, I have been dying to go to their storefront myself and try out their ice cream flavors. Luckily I was able to convince my boyfriend to take me there on Friday despite it being a cold day. We had actually gone to Old Town Pasadena before I ...

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  • 36


    11 reviews

    Hakata-style ramen! My usual order adds in a half boiled egg and spicy miso. They also have draft Sapporo and the wait staff do a fun cheers whenever you order beer.

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  • 37

    Brick + Mortar

    7 reviews

    Gets a bit crowded on the weekends, but the drinks are great and the people pretty chill.

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  • 38

    Trump National Golf Club

    4 reviews

    Beautiful place to brunch or just to walk around! Perfect for a wedding reception as well. Thanks to boyfriend and his friend for celebrating whatever they were celebrating and letting me tagging along, the view of this place is AH-MAZING. Pretty much it's to die for. We came here for weekend brunch and the weekend brunch was a buffet with ...

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  • 39

    Half & Half Tea House

    9 reviews

    I don't know that many good boba places, so for the drinks itself, I would give half and half 4.5 stars! If I could, I would just order a giant cup of egg pudding and drink that baby up with the giant straw. The line was pretty long (as always), but it honestly didn't take me and my loover that ...

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  • 40

    Hinano Cafe

    2 reviews

    Seedy bar with cold beer and the best cheeseburger in town.

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