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    Diddy Riese Cookies

    38 reviews

    Cheap cookies and they are good. Worth the drive to come down here when you are driving from san gabriel area. $4 for a dozen of your choice. If you just want something for yourself, you can get an ice cream sandwich and sunday with a cookie for about $2. Can't go wrong but the wait in line is the ...

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  • 2

    The Dog Haus

    11 reviews

    Is it the best of the Wurst? You decide. Dog Haus burst into the Pasadena scene and has just become a nice chain that is growing store by store. Who doesn't love their dogs wrapped in lovely King's Hawaiian Rolls. There's numerous toppings for your dog. I'm glad they serve veggie dogs here. I've had their "The Cowboy": white american ...

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  • 3

    California Chicken Cafe

    10 reviews

    great service! I've been hearing about CCC from the beginning of time, people always rave about how much they love it! After all these years i finally get to experience it, ( noob) and I can now see why people love it! its simple and fresh, and the portions are actually pretty generous! I was able to get pretty full ...

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  • 4

    Furaibo Japanese Restaurant

    5 reviews

    Wings wings wings! Their fried chicken and wings are the best, but of course they have lots of other items too - none of which I can remember right now. My advice: Go for the wings.

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  • 5

    Abbotts Habit

    4 reviews

    Another Venice institution. Primarily a coffee place with superior baked goods and assorted sandwiches. Very unpretentious.

  • 6

    Phoenix Food Boutique Inc

    3 reviews

    Chinese dessert heaven! Get the mixed mochi balls and try the dessert soups! I'd recommend black sesame soup and also the fruit drinks. The food is very fresh and tasty!

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  • 7

    In-N-Out Burger

    3 reviews

    Amazing animal style burgers, delicious animal style fries, and great milkshakes. The location is always crowded given that it's so close to the airport but if you're craving it, it's so worth it.

  • 8

    California Chicken Cafe

    2 reviews

    **EXCELLENT CHINESE CHICKEN SALADS FOR LUNCH** SUPER-PACKED during lunch time. A lot of road raging in the back parking lot while a patient meter maid was waiting nearby on the residential street. I didn't bother going in. Co-worker did all the dirty work. Ordered TO-GO: **CHINESE CHICKEN SALAD ($9.50) Romaine, chicken, almonds, Chinese noodles, plain pasta, green onions, Mandarin oranges, ...

  • 9

    Lucky Boy Drive-In Restaurant

    4 reviews

    [Food] * Their burger no longer as good as I remember last time, they clearly cut the size of beef patty, and the buns quality is similar to Carl's Jr. What I like was the lettuce which uses ranch alike sauce. There fries is thick fat cut without the skins. [Service] *Food came out very fast, but the cashier is ...

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  • 10


    I rarely give anything FIVE STARS. This is one of my few exceptions. Run, DO NOT walk to this unbelievable restaurant in Westwood! If you love kabobs these will probably be the best you have ever had. The chicken koobideh is another thing you MUST try. I look forward to trying many more dishes in the future.

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  • 11

    Del Taco

    3 reviews

    First off, let me explain something. When I was a child growing up in Georgia, we had a Del Taco. It was my absolute favorite place to eat. Then Del Taco sold their franchises there to Taco Bell, which I absolutely hate. A couple of decades pass, and I move to LA. The first place I went to was this ...

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  • 12

    In-N-Out Burger

    3 reviews

    It's like any other In N Out and that's why I like it. Yummy and cheap.

  • 13

    In-N-Out Burger

    2 reviews

    After years and years of my sisters telling me that In-N-Out is the greatest thing ever in the world, I can finally say I've had it and loved it. I did NOT get "animal" style, as my friend suggested (obviously, she was trying to kill me), but the burger and fries alone were superb.

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  • 14

    In-N-Out Burger

    2 reviews

    For that best burger of a lifetime!! Make sure you stop by and get fresh burger, fries and real milk shake. The #1 burger in LA/OC ** try all three flavors in one shake. :)

  • 15

    Chipotle Mexican Grill

    2 reviews

    Fast, cheap and easy! We came and ordered the bowls of food. They gave me very little meat. They used to give a lot more but I understand with the economy. But it was a good amount. I asked for extra onions but still felt they lacked onions... oh well. Service was nice. Fast. They had me pointed on what ...

  • 16

    Arcadia Garden Cafe

    2 reviews

    Open very late with a pretty long menu, this is a great place to stop by for good quality, cheap eats! They definitely do better with the asian food, but they serve all sorts of styles of cuisine.

  • 17

    In-N-Out Burger

    2 reviews

    "In-N-Out, In-N-Out That's what a hamburger Is all about" Our beloved SoCal burger institution, in the very poorly designed Long Beach Town Center. Traffic circles?!? UGH! This In-N-Out location shares parking space w/ Chik Fil A & a car wash. Parking is usually hard to come by. Plus, the drive-thru line can back up & block your car from driving ...

  • 18

    Fishermans Outlet Seafood Restaurant & Retail Market

    2 reviews

    kinda in the industrial area of DTLA, between the city center and the arts district is a dtla staple for seafood. Lines can get long during lunch time but don't let that stop you from getting freshly prepared seafood! Saturday they close at 3. Get a mixed plate here so you can sample the different seafoods

  • 19

    Garage Pizza DTLA

    2 reviews

    Specials=-- Come on Mondays, it's 15 bucks for the whole pie. A single slice cost me 4 bucks. I'm not gonna lie. The only reason why I'm here is because it's late night, I'm hungry, and I'm on the kool-aid. So I stumble in and find it confusing on how to get a slice of pie. What made it more ...

  • 20

    Steves Char Burgers 1

    2 reviews

    I'm definitely a sucker for Steve's chili cheese fries. I've tried The Hat and few other chili cheese fries but nothing comes close to Steve's for me! Steve's chili's has a lot more flavor and their thick-sized french fries is perfect for chili cheese fries (Allthough it's perfect as it is, don't mind eating the french fries alone!). There's good ...

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