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  • 41

    The Abbey Food & Bar

    21 reviews

    Great drinks, great music, great HoT lookin' people, & no cover charge & no pretentious bouncers passing judgment on people (I HaTe that) & just a great fun place for a great time! =) Plus, ladies can dance here without worrying about being harassed by a bunch of guys...

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  • 42

    Blu Jam Cafe

    4.5! My sister deemed her dish: "Hands down, Best french toast EVER." We enjoyed the texture of the bread: light and fluffy, as you'd expect french toast to be on the oily/buttery side. Blackberries, bananas, and strawberries sprinkled around the slices, with a powdered sugar finish. Delicious!! Norwegian benedict- Perfectly p-p-p-poached egg, nice hollandaise, smoked salmon, raw spinach and tomato, ...

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  • 43

    Mastro's Steakhouse - Beverly Hills

    19 reviews

    Omg the steak is sooo good!We shared Chef Cut 33oz Ribeye Chop, Mastro's Mashed Potatoes, Sautéed Spinach and we still had leftovers... well just the side dishes! The Ribeye was so tender and juicy just how I liked it. The Mastro's Mashed Potatoes taste like a mashed up baked potato with all the fixings... cheese, sour cream, and bacon. Sautéed ...

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  • 44

    Hakata Ramen Shin-Sen-Gumi

    17 reviews

    Shinsengumi is pretty well known to the ramen loving crowd. This location is one of the most recent additions to the chain and it is also just as crowded. Some nights you may find yourself lucky and have less than a 5 minute wait, but most of the nights I come here, I almost always have at least a 20 ...

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  • 45

    Lawry's the Prime Rib - Beverly Hills

    23 reviews

    I like Lawry's. There's complimentary meatballs and chips while you wait for your table haha. But it doesn't quite feel like 4 stars rating, almost. I'm not wowed by it but I can't say that it doesn't taste good... The meat is juicy, mashed potatoes are alright, the salad is a little too overdressed, the yorkshire pudding is ok too. ...

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  • 46

    Guisados Tacos

    16 reviews

    Guisados has a good variety of authentic and tasty tacos with some very interesting flavors. I also like their melon drink quite a bit and would highly recommend getting a six-taco sampler if you're here for the first time.

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  • 47

    Porto's Bakery-Downey

    17 reviews

    Porto's is a great Cuban bakery. Awesome sandwiches and pastries (cheese rolls, guava cheese rolls, cakes). Some of my favorites are the pastrami sandwich, cheese rolls, and the Milk and Berries cake. Parking can be difficult and lines can get crazy long, but the food is definitely worth it!

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  • 48


    21 reviews

    If you want gorgeous views and strong craft cocktails at a sexy and hip rooftop bar in downtown LA, Perch is it! It's the new Standard, and thus can be very hard to get into on the weekend. Get there at around 9-9:30pm to avoid a wait or have dinner there earlier on the 15th floor and move up to ...

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  • 49

    The Lobster

    17 reviews

    3.5 stars rounding to 4! ~ Thank you for the $20 credit towards my birthday dinner. (Also thank you, Michelle T. for sharing this great deal with us) It was crowded and noisy for a late Saturday dinner. We were seated in the middle of a very crowded room. I ordered the fillet Mignon with small lobster ( $60) and ...

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  • 50

    Mama's Lu Dumpling House

    18 reviews

    90% of the tastiness of Din Tai Fung. 60% of the price. That's a winner in my book. Seriously, their dumplings are delicious and everything is cheap cheap cheap. You can even buy a bag of 50 dumplings for $13 and steam them at home, which is an even better deal.

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  • 51

    Neptune's Net Seafood

    19 reviews

    I seem to be the odd one out, but I didn't have a very impressive experience when I was here. The burgers my dad and I ordered were good, but nothing special - I've had plenty better elsewhere - and my uncle's calamari was tough and chewy. The service was unfriendly and even rude - the cashier stared at me ...

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  • 52

    Roscoe's House of Chicken 'n' Waffles

    Chicken 'n' Waffles sound like a weird mix but I will tell you from first hand experience that once you try them you WILL be addicted. Prices are pretty reasonable and you will definitely walk away full.

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  • 53


    17 reviews

    One of the first places I checked out when living in LA! I really liked the chubby pork belly meal out of all the choices. The service for this place was excellent when I had came, they were really helpful whenever I had a question about their food and what was good. The portions are also pretty generous and filling!

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  • 54

    Daikokuya Original Noodle & Rice-Bowl

    20 reviews

    Some people say this is the very best ramen LA has to offer, the long lines outside is good proof, but I've heard their Monterey park location usually has a shorter line and is just as good.

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  • 55


    17 reviews

    I love mochi. Especially RED BEAN! :) When you come into this spacey joint, you are greeted with an array of mochi. OMG, being the mochi lover I am, I melted. (Not literally.) There they were, cute little puffs of sweet rice covering the cool tasty bits of ice cream you are dying to put into your mouth. As much ...

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  • 56

    The Penthouse

    26 reviews

    Oh, you so fancy! DINE LA Restaurant Week Located at the top of the Huntley Hotel, The Penthouse restaurant has beautiful views of the beach & the city of Santa Monica. The best views are probably from the restrooms. A craptacular view greets those in the men's room. Inside, swanky decor & table settings greet all who perchance to dine ...

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  • 57

    Sushi Sasabune

    17 reviews

    Tasty sushi here! I had the omakase, and I remember enjoying every piece of sushi I had. The blue crab roll at the end was especially nice, I honestly can have 3 of those!

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  • 58


    15 reviews

    After much debate and a bunch of mini scoops later..i finally made the choice of getting the Salty Chocolate ( which is way better tasting than the salty vanilla, very odd after taste) its 2 scoops per cup so i opted out for the mint..which was EXTREMELY sweet that i ended up tossing out the mint after 3 licks. my ...

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  • 59

    Nobu Malibu

    14 reviews

    Nobu knows everything you need to know about service. They will remember your order when you've been in once. Their spicy tuna rolls are the best around

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  • 60

    Canter's Deli

    21 reviews

    Greasy spoon. Reliable but not a destination if you have other choices. Disappointing apple pie.

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