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    Santa Monica Stairs

    9 reviews

    Outdoor 'gym' Went up 5 sets of stairs! woot woot! It's a great workout indeed :) Make sure to stretch before, during and after so you won't hurt your self. There area 2 stairs near each other, wooden and concrete. I think the concrete one was a better workout because it seemed longer to go up. Wooden one is popular ...

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  • 2

    Bronson Canyon-Griffith Park

    2 reviews

    Popular hiking trail for tourists. The trail we chose led us behind the hollywood sign (the trail at the end of the parking lot, not the first one u pass when you enter to park). A good short trail / passed so many cute doggies / lots of horse poop

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  • 3

    Little Tokyo

    38 reviews

    I love Little Tokyo. It has something for everyone. There are various restaurants that range from affordable late night eats for college students to lunch spots for the workers in the area and trendy restaurants and cafes perfect for dates. Plus, it's a GREAT place for friends and family who are visiting as LT has little gift shops everywhere. I ...

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  • 4

    Huntington Library Art Collections and Botanical Gardens

    83 reviews

    Great for the plant and landscaping lover. As you can see from my garden, you can count me in.

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  • 5

    Ernest E Debs Regional Park

    2 reviews

    Beware the loch errr lake errr pond monster... OMG its a baby Nessie! I know it since I got a photo of it. It was about 4-6 inches long and had a huge hump on its back and its head was sticking out of the water an inch ahead... ohhh wait... it was a turtle... or was it O_o However ...

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  • 6

    Runyon Canyon Park

    60 reviews

    Where can you find all the pretentious workout types who don’t go to the gym in Hollywood? Well obviously they are all here at Runyon Canyon (at the same time) doing a workout of either jogging/climbing/hiking or whatever. I decided to go hike here with a friend last week and it was a great lil hike/workout, except for the fact ...

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  • 7

    Santa Monica Pier

    198 reviews

    Came here today for a gogobot event! Sad I missed it last year, but super glad they did it this year! Every Thursday this summer the pier will have live outdoor music until 10pm. People can show up early and claim a spot, picnic and relax. Booze isn't allowed, you ll see a lot of cops walking around during the ...

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  • 8

    Clover Park

    3 reviews

    Second time here for a friend's bday bbq on fourth of july weekend and it is very clean and have a nice area for exercise and kids to play at. Lots of swings, jungle gym, and a clean path to walk on with green around. You don't get much green around unless it's fake but this park has some green ...

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  • 9

    Malibu Pier

    29 reviews

    Take a walk on the pier, look at ocean waves, eat ice cream. Ah. What could be a better way to enjoy dusk on a summer eve?

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  • 10


    2 reviews

    I gotta brag... I totally deserve to brag: I BIKED 30MILES AT CicLAvia!!!! Reason why I'm bragging: I learned how to ride a bike the NIGHT BEFORE! YEAAAAAAH Reason I did it: BF had an epic time doing this last year and he wanted me to experience it with him this year. IM SORRY: - to those I accidentally ran ...

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  • 11

    Echo Park

    11 reviews

    Peaceful park with a great view of LA! I finally checked this place out during the hidden cash craze. My boyfriend and I had some time to kill so we drove to Echo park when the famous hiddencash twitter hinted where he's going to hide some money. The park is clean and I really loved walking around it. Parking was ...

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  • 12

    Mount Wilson Observatory

    8 reviews

    Mt. Wilson has the world's largest telescopes, offering long-range views of both celestial and solar proportions. I am thoroughly intrigued by outer space, so I was like a kid at Christmas here: seeing stars, planets, and other bodies out there beyond our planet excited me to no end. The observatory is also quite famous; Edwin Hubble used its facilities for ...

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  • 13

    Temescal Canyon Trail

    8 reviews

    As someone who wasn't used to living in such a busy metropolis as L.A., finding the Temescal Canyon Trail was like finding a $100 bill in my Cheerios! This beautiful trek remains my favorite day hike in the immediate Los Angeles area. Rising into the wild Santa Monica Mountains at Temescal Gateway and into Topanga State Park, there's a feeling ...

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  • 14

    Great Labels

    2 reviews

    My GF and I headed to Great Labels hoping to find affordable and fantastic dresses. She needed a cocktail dress and I was looking for a more causal summer dress for travel. While we didn't find exactly what we wanted we had an fantastic time trying on dresses from Gautier to Prada to Chanel, from staid to wild. "This is ...

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  • 15

    Rooftop Bar @The Standard

    25 reviews

    The Standard... is the place to be! The High Line will get you there! Fabulous view and ambiance!

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  • 16

    It's A Wrap

    4 reviews

    For those of us who don't live there, part of the fun of visiting the LA area is brushing shoulders with a bit of glamour and celebrity. And here at It's A Wrap, you can even try it on. Here you have a chance to fondle, try on, and purchase clothing and props from movie and TV productions. They have ...

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  • 17

    The Market - Santa Monica Place

    2 reviews

    Forget about it; there is everything you need up here; the coolest little coffee places, raw food, great lunch places, bakeries and not far (steps) from a dozen other great restaurants. On the top of Santa Monica Place; combine it with a shopping trip if you want, walk or park for free for an hour and a half.

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  • 18

    Monrovia Canyon Park

    2 reviews

    I, once again, came back to this park for another hike. I love that there's free parking in the nearby neighborhood and there are plenty of spots underneath the shade. Today, though, we didn't do the 7 mile hike at the Ben Overturff Trail. It was too ridiculously hot that we ended up just doing the 3.5 mile hike to ...

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  • 19

    Venice Fishing Pier

    6 reviews

    Good surf, great views! The waves on Venice Beach break best here, but it can be a little culturally rough and localized during good swells. Otherwise, this is a fun place to walk, jog or ride your bike out onto as the coastal and city views are amazing. In the winter, you can see beyond downtown L.A. and onto snow-capped ...

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  • 20

    Griffith Park

    50 reviews

    I've been coming to Griffith Park for many, many years now. I am still discovering new wonders each and every time. It's a great place to hike, run, hang out with the family, people watch, play golf, picnic, and photograph LA life. The vistas from the top of the hills are gorgeous and second to none. Yes, LA is a ...

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