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    13 reviews

    A Japanese friend met us here for a yakitori dinner. The place is gigantic! The restaurant inspired that scene in Kill Bill in which Uma Thurman kills everyone in a restaurant. The foyer show photos of every celebrity who has visited, which includes Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, former presidents, and the like. Yakitori sticks are about $3 a pop and ...

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    Odaiba Takoyaki Museum

    2 reviews

    If you love takoyaki, this is the place to be. It's not so much a museum as it is a food court full of takoyaki restaurants. It's hard to choose which restaurant to order from. We tried two different places and the one that had a longer line was definitely better. Also get the combo so you can try two ...

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    Gordon Ramsay at Conrad Tokyo

    2 reviews

    Lovely atmosphere, good food, and impeccable service. A great spot for a decadent lunch, romantic dinner, or business meal. I'd give it a 5 if I were in the UK but feels like a bit of a shame to eat at this high end chain when there are so many incredible local options in Tokyo.

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    2 reviews

    This is the poor man's NY Grill. Great atmosphere, lovely views, and solid Western food. Girandole will definitely impress. Certainly suitable for a date or business meeting. I wouldn't visit as a tourist but a good spot for long term residents or frequent visitors. Note: the private rooms are inexpensive but aren't fully enclosed. Provides a feeling of exclusivity but ...

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    West Park Cafe

    1 review

    Spectacular themed restaurant with top quality food delivered to your table by ninjas. Great atmosphere and experience. Opposite the Akasakamitsuke Metro.

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    喜美松 (きみまつ) (Kimimatsu)

    1 review

    Great Yakitori restaurant on the other side of the spectacular Asakusa Shinto shrine from the Metro station. Lots of speciality pork dishes if you're brave(!).

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    響 カレッタ汐留店 Dynamic Kitchen & Bar

    1 review

    46th floor of the Dentsu building, superb views across Tokyo Bay from Odaiba to Mt Fuji. Resonably priced great Izakaya food, especially the stone-steamed rice.

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    1 review

    Memorable restaurant located at the foot of the Tokyo Tower. Especially known for its homemade twice-fried tofu. Tofu is made from well water and handpicked soybeans.

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    100% Chocolate Cafe

    1 review

    The name speaks for itself. There are tons of different chocolates from all around the world featured on their menu. There are too many to list. This place will warrant multiple visits for the complete experience. Also, be careful to not get caught taking pix. ;)

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    Maidreamin (Heaven's Gate)

    2 reviews

    The food's mediocre and frankly I don't quite know how to react to the ladies here, but it's certainly a unique dining experience. They bring out your food and ask you to do magic spells with them to make the food taste better. (IT DIDN'T WORK.) There's a cover price per person and then there are minimums you have to ...

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    1 review

    Michelin-starred and eye-wateringly expensive (reputedly one of the world's most expensive places to eat): a steak here will set you back upwards of US $500. But then you aren't eating any old steak but Sanda-gyu beef, the production of which is limited to just 1,000 cows per year - the Cartier of cattle. There are just five tables in the ...

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    Roy's Aoyama Bar & Grill

    Offers a mix of Italian and other Western dishes. The food, service and atmosphere are all excellent even if the menu can feel a bit tired / boring at times.

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