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    278 reviews

    Library of Hadrian..The beauty of ancient Greece..:)

  • 2

    Mykonos Town (Chora)

    25 reviews

    What a stunning place. Loaded with great shopping, winding narrow lanes, excellent little restaurants, and charm oozes out of every corner and gets better as you walk. This is a place to get lost and stop for a drink or pastry periodically until you happen on the waterfront restaurants and then you'll be hungry. Great jewelery shopping too,

  • 3


    61 reviews

    This city is the largest in Northern Greece. The vibe is very different than Athens, it is more laid back and visually nicer. The promenade is the highlight with restaurants and cafes dotting the landscape. A great city to explore by foot.

  • 4


    25 reviews

    If they filmed a movie there that I've seen, I'm all over it. Being the inveterate fan of 007, a.k.a, Bond, James Bond, I knew that I could never forgive myself if I traveled to Greece and didn't visit these stunning monasteries majestically and precariously perched high on the sandstone pillars that overlook the Plain of Thessaly. And for fans ...

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    52 reviews

    Eat at Floga! A waiter named Anistis is very friendly and will attend to your every need in the shortest amount of time!

  • 6

    Naxos Town

    5 reviews

    Naxos Town is ful of life - in the center around the paralia. I loved the castro. narrow alleys, small shops and between the houses of locals. But you also find romantic and quiet places. There are no big Hotels as you know from other countries. All hotels are white/blue or white/brown and always classy. The city-beach is verry varied. ...

  • 7

    Parikia (Paros Town)

    4 reviews

    Despite being a major port town and directly connected to Athens (meaning tons of tourists pass through constantly, as well as a good amount of unsavory types who love tourists) Parikia has an honest to goodness charm that is not to be missed. Take at least a day or two to really devote to getting to know the true character ...

  • 8


    12 reviews

    Although Volos is a fairly large city, it retains its quaint charm if you know where to look. The sea is beautiful, with cute cafes and restaurants overlooking the water.

  • 9


    1 review

    Wonderful views of the sunset from our hotel here.

  • 10


    2 reviews

    An absolutely beautiful resort with miles of sandy beach to enjoy. A very family friendly location and close to Kos town which is accessible by bus from the village center. (Cheaply too!) There you can find many archaeological sites. There are plenty of places to eat and supermarkets to purchase items from if you are self catering. (Be warned though, ...

  • 11


    4 reviews

    A cute little town that is almost village like. You get more of a feel for local culture staying here and the restaurants serve better food and offer cheaper prices. A good base for exploring the island.

  • 12

    Agios Ioannis (Mykonos)

    2 reviews

    There are only a few hotels on this side of the island but the ones that are there are Luxurious and Perfect! You are a bit isolated but the good part about that is that on this very very busy island the beaches here are uninhabited. The hotels each offer private access but because the pools are so fabulous you ...

  • 13


    17 reviews

    In my opinion, Reth is the most beautiful department of Crete. It combines the characteristics of a small town along with these of a village, it accomodates lots of students, it has great stamping grounds, many historical places to visit, an interesting nightlife and picturesque places to walkabout.

  • 14


    7 reviews

    I go to Mytilene with my husband's family every other summer or so. It's pretty much the consummate Greek island experience--a real feeling like you're out at the end of the world, rugged scenery, lots of Greeks on vacation, great simple local food (big fat sardines are famous here, from the Bay of Kaloni), and beautiful water. It's a pretty ...

  • 15


    5 reviews

    It was the first greek city that I visited in Greece. I didn't see much, but all that i saw I liked much. And people, of course, sweet people who always are ready to help, cheerful and very stylish.

  • 16

    Hydra Town

    3 reviews

    Hydra is a beautiful island a few hours from Athens, Greece. There are no vehicles allowed (only 2 trucks on the whole island) so all transportation is by donkey or bicycle. The town is very picturesque, and the water is crystal clear. I wish I could have spent more than an hour or two there.

  • 17

    Skala Eressos

    3 reviews

    I kind of hate to broadcast my favorite Greek beach of all time, but this is about as dreamy a low-key vacation spot as you could want. Small town, very family-friendly, lots of options for lodging (Hotel Galini is best small hotel, plus lots of villa rentals), a good variety of restaurants (traditional Greek and more creative) and all totally ...

  • 18


    6 reviews

    Such a wonderful surprise--we came just to get on the train (ferry to mainland arrived at a town due south), and we discovered a beautiful small city filled with freshwater springs in the center. And insanely delicious pasta at the train station restaurant. [Update 2012: restaurant closed. Sigh. But town still very pretty.] This will always stand out as one ...

  • 19


    10 reviews

    Such a fascinating corner of Greece--so close to Albania, and with its own very mountain-bound culture. This is a surprisingly big city too. There's a huge lake here, with a little island in the center, where you take a boat to and eat freshwater fish.

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    1 review
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