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    26 reviews

    so romantic ..ideal place for couples ..breathtaking views.. enjoy the sun set while dinning

  • 22


    60 reviews

    This city is historic, yet modern and has some of the best food and nicest people in Greece. The sea breeze keeps it pleasant, even in summer, and the entire city is alive with culture.

  • 23

    Mykonos Island

    50 reviews

    It is so heart brokenly beautiful! I love it that the main town isn't that big, so you can walk around and pretty much see everything: the shops, the restaurants, the cafes and the windmills. Watching sunset is like a daily ritual. I watched it at Little Venice, near the Windmills, on top of the hill. The setting sun reveals ...

  • 24


    1 review

    This is a small beach town outside of Chania that is mostly frequented by Europeans. It is quaint and charming and I loved the craziness. It isn't typically Greek but more a fun summer hang. To get from Chania you must either rent a car or take a bus.

  • 25


    2 reviews

    I really enjoyed the fact that, as you ascend Ilioupoli and reach the hill of Ymittos, the atmosphere cleans to a certain degree, you can lounge and watch the view from above. I would say that it is quite different from the centre of the city.

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  • 26

    Southern Cyclades Islands

    8 reviews

    Nowhere does beautiful blue water, dazzling white villages and cobalt skies quite like the Greeks. And besides, the way their economy is headed, they could do with as many big-spenders into town as possible. Chief among the high profile haunts are the islands of Santorini (with the opening this July of the slick Perivolas Hideaway hotly awaited) and Mykonos for ...

  • 27


    56 reviews

    Watching the sub set near the city walls of Heraklion in Crete !!!

  • 28

    Dodecanese Islands

    2 reviews
  • 29

    Northern Cyclades Islands

    4 reviews

    If you want to get away from everything and step back in time go visit Sifnos, the most beautiful traditional islands of the Cyclades. It has everything, beautiful beaches, tavernas, old monasteries, over 250 churches, great for walking and biking. It is not yet over run by commercialism but offers you the most beutiful white washed houses over an azure ...

  • 30

    Ionian Islands

    2 reviews
  • 31

    Northern Greece

    4 reviews

    It is a very beautiful Country,Mostly are kind,people.Do not miss ATHENS,,,walk up steps that that Goddess Athena , Romans horses ,you are now on the highest point in the world, you are so high you can see forever. How I wish we could speak I could make you see and feel like you are truely there .But do not go ...

  • 32

    Rhodes Island

    27 reviews

    This is one of the least well-known original wonder in the world, sadly the wonder been struck down a devastating earthquake 1000's years ago, without with the wonder it still a breathtaking island. The island has one of the most historic fore-stress for the knight templates. Serve as stop prior before heading to Jerusalem. The whole island felt like it ...

  • 33

    Mykonos Town (Chora)

    25 reviews

    What a stunning place. Loaded with great shopping, winding narrow lanes, excellent little restaurants, and charm oozes out of every corner and gets better as you walk. This is a place to get lost and stop for a drink or pastry periodically until you happen on the waterfront restaurants and then you'll be hungry. Great jewelery shopping too,

  • 34

    Corfu Island

    32 reviews

    Gravia Island offers a private beach and is not often used! Rent a boat and spend the day on your own private island!

  • 35

    Rhodes Town

    33 reviews

    Rhodes was my favorite stop when I went to Greece last year. The town is beautiful, there are great beaches, nice shopping, and lots of historical sites to visit.

  • 36

    Chania Town

    29 reviews

    Excellent harbor and old town that you could meander around all day and not get bored. There is an abundance of cafes and bars to while away time and people watch and round every corner there is another post card of beauty. Excessive graffiti is the only thing that may bother some people. We did the fish spa in the ...

  • 37

    Corfu Town

    29 reviews

    One of the best vacations we ever had!!! Stayed in Sidari and had fun - Corfu is a beautiful island!

  • 38


    9 reviews

    It's the best place to catch a sunset, as opposed to tourists infested Oia and Fira! The view is unsurpassed by any spot in Santorini, and dare I say, the world!

  • 39


    3 reviews

    Beautiful and Glorious land full of ancient sites!

  • 40

    Zakynthos Town

    17 reviews

    deadly loved our trip there ...myself and daughter rachel

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