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    105 reviews

    Santorini is absolutely amazing, especially in the morning! I stayed on the far west side near Oia and the old port. I would wake up early, get some pastries at any local shop and scout out cool looking shops. Most day tourists don't arrive until 9 or 10 so if you go out before then, you'll have the place almost ...

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    56 reviews

    The largest island in Greece, is also the most interesting. Forget the obvious, historical ruins, pristine beaches, great food. What about the hidden treasures? Strips of the sea that can only be reached by boat. A small church built into the side of a rock, that can only be viewed from a cliff. The Mountains, hidden islands and the villages ...

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    47 reviews

    its located in santorini more quite than fira town and its famous wth the most beautiful sunset ever in the world ..i recommend the OIA town for couples ,,exellent destination for honeymoon.

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    Corfu Island

    32 reviews

    Gravia Island offers a private beach and is not often used! Rent a boat and spend the day on your own private island!

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    Naxos Island

    4 reviews

    Naxos is an island particularly gifted by nature. Endless golden beaches and turquoise waters, picture save deserted coves. Large alive groves and valleys where citrus fruits, vegetables and different flowers grow. Naxos has so much history to see. You have to taste the typical Naxiotic products like cheese, citron liceure, olives, honey... Naxos is veried, for all age bands. Whatersports, ...

  • 6

    Kos Island (Iraklides)

    15 reviews

    In 2009 I visited Kos on a ferry from Bodrum. The island is only a few miles from mainland Anatolia. The ferry docked in Kos Town, which is a small downtown area with an agora, an orthodox church and, interestingly, a cafe located in a former single-minaret mosque. The biggest attraction on the island is the Asklepion, an ancient temple ...

  • 7

    Naxos Town

    5 reviews

    Naxos Town is ful of life - in the center around the paralia. I loved the castro. narrow alleys, small shops and between the houses of locals. But you also find romantic and quiet places. There are no big Hotels as you know from other countries. All hotels are white/blue or white/brown and always classy. The city-beach is verry varied. ...

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    5 reviews

    It was the first greek city that I visited in Greece. I didn't see much, but all that i saw I liked much. And people, of course, sweet people who always are ready to help, cheerful and very stylish.

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    1 review

    Wonderful views of the sunset from our hotel here.

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    272 reviews

    I love this city and can't wait to go back. With the geography of the region, the city is built out instead of up, so while there is a lot of sprawl there are no skyscrapers to block a good view. From the center of the city, the acropolis is visible above.

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    26 reviews

    diner at volcano blue. great cook. great pubs and nightlife for a good party, try the koo club party starts around midnight

  • 12

    Mykonos Island

    50 reviews

    Mykonos is a gorgeous, interesting place with lots of nightlife, great beaches, and a mix of tourists from all over the world. I think it's a perfect destination for pretty much anyone--there's plenty to do or you can do nothing at all but chill out.

  • 13


    60 reviews

    This city is historic, yet modern and has some of the best food and nicest people in Greece. The sea breeze keeps it pleasant, even in summer, and the entire city is alive with culture.

  • 14

    Kos Town

    17 reviews

    You often hear about the larger islands -- Santorini, Rhodes, etc -- but the Greek island of Kos deserves recognition, partially because it's so close to Turkey. You can take a quick ferry into Bodrum, one of the most active towns on the turquoise coast. Plus, ancient ruins abound on the island, as does delicious food and a wide range ...

  • 15

    Patmos Island

    4 reviews

    One of the most picturesque islands in all of Greece. The beaches are stunning and even at the height of the tourist season it doesn't feel crowded or commercial.

  • 16


    11 reviews

    Although Volos is a fairly large city, it retains its quaint charm if you know where to look. The sea is beautiful, with cute cafes and restaurants overlooking the water.

  • 17

    Milos Island

    4 reviews

    A beautiful island with truly amazing beaches (each different from one another), Milos is definitely a great spot for a summer vacation. There are lots of great restaurants in Adamas and Pollonia and it is lively without being overly touristic! People here are super friendly and try to help out even when there's a language barrier. It is definitely worth ...

  • 18

    Folegandros Island

    3 reviews

    Santorini’s streets sag with admirers, but on Folegandros, a nearby island in the Cyclades, you’ll find similar architecture—streets paved in slate, whitewashed buildings decorated with colorful flowers, the occasional Greek Orthodox church with a bright blue dome—without the crowds. For a secluded swim, trek to Katergo, a sheltered stretch of beach where gentle, emerald-blue waves lap the pebbly shore.

  • 19


    1 review

    You start hiking the Samaria Gorge in Crete and Sfakia is where you end up. A Beautiful little town accessible only by boat. The water and beach are spectacular!!

  • 20

    Syros Island

    1 review

    I am completely biased because THIS IS THE ISLAND I AM FROM! I love Ermoupolis, it is old, not commercial and charming. If I have one criticism it would be that the beaches arent what you expect when you go to a Greek Island. Syros is the capital of the Cycklades Islands so if you are on Mykonos or Paros ...

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