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    115 reviews

    Absolutely breathtaking. Climbing the steps to the acropolis feels like stepping through history. It is a bit of a hike, so choose good weather and sturdy shoes but the view of Athens from the top is unparalleled.

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    100 reviews

    The Parthenon is located on the Acropolis on a hill that overlooks Athens. The temple was built to honor the goddess Athena Parthenos, the patron of Athens, to thank her for protecting the city during the Persian Wars. Originally designed by the famous sculptor Phidias, the Parthenon originally held all kinds of treasures, but the main attraction was a huge ...

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    New Acropolis Museum

    36 reviews

    A small but great museum with many things too see about greek culture. Probable its main attractive is the fact that on the first level the floor is transparent, and you can see underground ruins!

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    Temple of Olympian Zeus

    36 reviews

    The Temple of Zeus is a beautiful place, though there's not much to see. The view up to the Acropolis is quite nice, given you'll probably be headed up there at some point during your trip. Looking back down upon the Olympieion gives a nice "Hey, I was just there!" perspective.

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    Panathenaic Stadium

    33 reviews

    A very impressive Olympic stadium in Athens that is really worth the (only) 3 euros it costs to enter. A great place for sports fans ( you can run around the track if you can stand the heat) and history buffs. From the marble steps you can even see the Acropolis! Inside there is a room displaying all of the ...

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    25 reviews

    Just, beautiful.

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    Odeon of Herodes Atticus

    25 reviews

    To see this during the day, while visiting the ruins of the Acropolis and Parthenon is nice. To see this at night all lit up for a concert or the theater is Spectacular! If you are going to Athens in the summer, do try to take advantage of this beautiful site.

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    Mount Lycabettus

    22 reviews

    Amazing view of all Athens reaching up to Piraeus. One of the best places to live if you like being close to the center and not irritated by the heavy traffic

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    Ancient Agora

    26 reviews

    Very underrated. Admission comes with a ticket to the acropolis and skipping the agora would be a mistake!

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    Parliament Building

    34 reviews

    Do You know the filling when You see something on TV and You say: "Hey, I was there." Well i had that filling a few days ago. This place is not that magnificent as the rest of Greece but it does leave a mark in Your brain that when You see it You automaticly know that it is Athens

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    National Archaeological Museum

    22 reviews

    The best museum in Greece. Its a must!!

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    Temple of Hephaestus

    22 reviews

    Not many people go to see this Temple. We were pretty much alone when we walked around it. You have to appreciate something this old.

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  • 13

    Little Venice

    19 reviews

    Little Venice probably appears in some of the most famous shots of Mykonos. It is gorgeous, especially at sunset. The evening waves turn golden and gently kiss the bank, splashing water on people who sit along the edge. There are tons of restaurants and bars at Little Venice and they all have lovely outdoor seating areas. Since it is the ...

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  • 14

    Medieval City of Rhodes

    18 reviews


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  • 15

    Old Town of Corfu

    17 reviews

    If you go to Corfu you have to visist the Old town, it's the thing that gives "soul" to the island. The small streets, wonderful coffee bars and amazing shops make this place a paradise on the Earth. It's amazing for those who want to have a crazy night and both for families or romantic dates. The old town is ...

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    Minoan Palace of Knossos

    18 reviews

    Amazing place!

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    Monastiraki Flea Market

    21 reviews

    In Monastiraki flea market ,a paradise for collectors , you can find anything from Greek souvenirs and Greek art shops ,antiques ,carpets, old books ,latest fashion clothes, jewellery.

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  • 18

    White Tower

    18 reviews

    White Tower The history of Thessaloniki's most famous landmark, the pacific White Tower , is actually bathed in blood. In 1826, Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II ordered here the massacre of janissaries (elite troops made up of forcibly Islamicised Christian boys) deemed disloyal. After Greeks captured the city in 1913, the 'bloody tower' was whitewashed to expunge the dark memories. The ...

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  • 19

    Syntagma Square

    22 reviews

    nice and roomy lots of places

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  • 20

    Navagio Beach

    14 reviews

    Amazing place!!!

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