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  • 1

    The Mall Athens

    3 reviews

    i like it..

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  • 2


    101 reviews

    Remarkable site. Wonderful views of the city. There is soo much to really read about thsi place. I was awestruck by the placement of Acropolis in general.

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  • 3


    116 reviews

    This in conjunction with the Acropolis Museum is the key reason to come to Athens. One of those markers in history, something that changed attitudes and disciplines across so many cultures and time periods, the Acropolis gives you a glimpse of what life was like in a very different time and place. I highly recommend going to the museum first ...

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  • 4

    Volcano And Hot Springs

    13 reviews

    A short boat ride from Fira, you can visit both this active volcano and the nearby hot springs, great for a restorative mud bath.

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  • 5

    Fira Port

    11 reviews

    The adventurous trip to the heights of the Fira port are well worth it; after the ascent is completed the views are irreplaceable.

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  • 6

    Amoudi Bay

    7 reviews

    Find a Greek tavern to pitch up at and watch the sun sink below the horizon as your sip your wine at Amoudi Bay.

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  • 7


    15 reviews

    Although very expensive, however a totally historical, picturesque place, full of culture.

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  • 8

    Red Beach

    11 reviews

    Red Beach is very popular and best visited off-peak, but the red sand landscape is a special sight, not to be missed on a trip to Santorini.

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  • 9


    25 reviews

    The more practical part of teh town. Gorgeous nonetheless. You will find medical shops here, hospitals, donkeys, souvenier shops that are less expensive than Oia.

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  • 10

    The Throne Room

    3 reviews

    The throne room in the ancient ruins of Knossos in Heraklion, Crete. This throne room belonged to the ancient Minoan civilization that ruled Crete from the 27th century BC to the 15th century BC. The historian Will Durant has referred to the Minoans as the "first link in the European chain."

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  • 11

    New Acropolis Museum

    36 reviews

    The museum housed remains and frieze sculptures from the Parthenon as well as artefacts from the other buildings on the Acropolis such as the Erechtheion, the Temple of Athena Nike and the Propylaea. The modern glass building located at the foot of the Acropolis is divided into three levels with panoramic views of the ancient site. Looking at gigantic marble ...

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  • 12

    Temple of Olympian Zeus

    37 reviews

    This was the biggest temple in ancient Greece. It was huge!

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  • 13

    Panathenaic Stadium

    33 reviews

    I have been lucky enough to experience both sporting events and concerts at this venue. It is of course the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Most recently I got to experience the ending of the Athens Marathon. It was meaningful and really beautiful and most importantly a source of National Pride.

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  • 14

    Odeon of Herodes Atticus

    26 reviews

    Didn't get to actually attend a performance here, but rather sat outside listening to a dress rehearsal of an opera and it was still absolutely magical. Such a great space!

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  • 15

    Ancient Agora

    27 reviews

    I was underwhelmed by the Agora. Maybe it was the heat. Maybe it was the fact that not everything is clearly labeled so you're not quite sure what's just piles of rocks and what is significant piles of rocks. I don't think I would have missed much if I had not gone. Perhaps it's better with a guide who can ...

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  • 16

    Mount Lycabettus

    22 reviews

    In the middle of the city, 15 minutes away from my home. Amazing view from the top

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  • 17

    Parliament Building

    34 reviews

    I got to see the guards doing a routine in front of the tomb of the unknown soldier. Very interesting and cool to watch.

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  • 18

    National Archaeological Museum

    23 reviews

    This is a museum filled with the things Britain decided NOT to steal, but it's still worth taking a look.

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  • 19

    Temple of Hephaestus

    23 reviews

    Actually a ruin inside the Agora complex, the temple is much better preserved than the rest of the area which is definitely ruined. Nothing terribly exciting though. In fact, more people were taking pictures of the lawn of tortoises right next to it rather than the temple.

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  • 20

    Little Venice

    19 reviews

    Little Venice probably appears in some of the most famous shots of Mykonos. It is gorgeous, especially at sunset. The evening waves turn golden and gently kiss the bank, splashing water on people who sit along the edge. There are tons of restaurants and bars at Little Venice and they all have lovely outdoor seating areas. Since it is the ...

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