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    Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

    10 reviews

    The monument is just on the bottom of the parliament building. Be sure to be there at an exact hour (9:00, 10:00, etc) so you can witness the changing of the guard!

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    8 reviews

    If you want an authentic experience still under the Acropolis than Thiseio is for you! Bars, Nightclubs and Fabulous Restaurants centrally located... This is where you will find Real Greeks.

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    9 reviews

    Come here to walk around and look at ancient ruins. We did this as a day trip from Mykonos, which was fine. Unless you are really really into ancient ruins, chances are a day trip from Mykonos or a during-the-day excursion from your cruise ship is all you will need here.

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    Panagia Paraportiani

    8 reviews

    iconic church. perfect view, unforgettable sunset to meet there

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    Archaeological Site of Delphi

    7 reviews

    This is a fantastic place to visit. Just imagine how thousands of years ago, they decided to build a site like this in the middle of the mountains. It is one of the most magical places to visit along with Ancient Olympia. Downsides are the small opening hours and the sometimes rude staff, but public servants have these issues.

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    Panathinaiko Stadium

    7 reviews

    An impressive Stadium dating thousands of years ago! You'll take some great pictures here, promise!

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    Theatre of Dionysus

    8 reviews

    One of the many ruins you must visit along with the Acropolis and the Parthenon.

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    The Erechtheion

    7 reviews

    The temple that combines 3 different gods, in e different levels of sanity: raised above ground level is the temple of Athina, at ground level that of hers competitor at the battle for the main temple, Parthenon, and at an under ground level there is the temple of Erextheas, god of the dead.

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    Samariá Gorge

    7 reviews

    The most famous of all gorges at Crete, 18 km that you can walk with breathtaking surrounding Here you will find unique animals and plants like Kri Kri, a kind of wild goat.

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  • 50

    Amoudi Bay

    7 reviews

    Perfect place for an afternoon/Evening hike. Its got a flight of stairs. The water on island is warmer. Be Mindful of the Donkeys going by. Its very pretty and worth every second of your time. Highly recommend it.

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    6 reviews

    very nice !!!like like !!

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    Booze Cooperativa

    7 reviews

    Played chess, watched short films and a live performance. Amazing place!

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    Park Thiseio

    7 reviews

    A great place in the countryside, surrounded by numerus historical exhibits, parks and street artists.

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  • 54

    National Garden

    6 reviews

    The National Garden or Zappeio (in Greek) is the center of transport in Athens. From this location you would access all buses, taxi's and the metro. It also is the largest park in the city housing the Temple of Zeus and bordering the historical Olympic Stadium.

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  • 55

    Black Beach

    9 reviews

    This black sand beach was a fun excursion. The water is nice here, and the trip to get to it via our scooters proved memorable.

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    5 reviews

    Prasonisi is a well-known beach which attracts lots of windsurfers from all over Europe. There are some minivans and tenants who stay there. It is a unique place that sometimes Prasonisi is a separated area (island) and sometimes it is connected to the other island of Rhodes. It is located about 95 km away from the town of Rhodes. It ...

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    Roman Market

    5 reviews

    Nice place to visit ! Many cafe ,wine Shops and small interesting shops

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  • 58

    Gole di Samaria

    5 reviews


  • 59

    Atlantis Books

    5 reviews

    A really cool little bookshop, started by a couple of American expats in 2003. Oia is amazing for many things like its sunsets, the volcanic rock cliffs, the winding streets and terraced white buildings, the windmills, the Aegean Sea, but if you're there, you should definitely take a break and check out this bookstore. Super nice staff, ultra familial and ...

  • 60

    Old Fortress

    6 reviews

    Spend some time exploring. BRING WATER... the sun is hot and if you climb to the top of the fortress you will need it. The view from the top is amazing and well worth the effort. But there literally is nothing at the top to do other than take your breath taking pictures... Give yourself 2 hours to breeze around ...

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