Help Niki Cordell with their trip plan: Greece/Istanbul August 2013

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Julia P recommended Istanbul
Everyone should spend a little time in Istanbul. It's a center of the world in the way that London and New York are. I can't say enough good things about the diversity of experience, quality of food, ... read more
kindness and hospitality of people in general. Smoke a nargile, get a hamam, eat a bunch of fish, and definitely spend at least a day just wandering and inhaling this city that is full of a ruined and beautiful past but also teeming with a creative present.
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Julia P

Hi Niki! No need for a car in Istanbul, and it depends where you want to go in Greece. Transportation between cities is pretty easy. Have a great trip!

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Kat Von B (Travelinggreek) commented on this question

No, you don't need a car rental. You can rent a vespa. If you want to go out at night there are huge motorcoaches that pickup at all of the main points, They run till about 5am so no problem getting back to your hotel.

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