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Arlo Hemphill
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Green Baltimore

Maryland is quickly becoming known as one of the greenest states in the US.  Recent efforts on offshore wind, protecting the Chesapeake, and delivering one of the most progressive climate change strategies in the country is redefining the Free State as unwaverably 'eco'.  Here's a guide to enjoying Charm City - Maryland's largest metropolis - with a mind towards green living!

John Steven Ltd. Five Points Tavern

A cozy neighborhood pub with a strong ocean ethic! What more could you ask for? John Steven's is as committed to local and sustainably-sourced seafood as it is quality dining and service. I'd come here for the real pub atmosphere and diverse beers on tap alone, but the food throws this place into...

National Aquarium in Baltimore

As much as I love the Monterey Aquarium and all they do for conservation, it really - in my book - cannot hold a candle to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Beautiful architecture, stunning exhibits and a world class walk-through rainforest make this one of the most entertaining venues in...

The Olive Room

One of Baltimore's leading organic and sustainable restaurants. It has a fantastic rooftop view of the city at a great location between Fells Point and the Inner Harbor. Definitely unique for Baltimore. Can be pricy, but I super applaud the green effort - and the execution is very well done....

Inn at the Black Olive

Being green is not supposed to be so expensive. Although I simply love the idea of this eco-dream hotel from top to bottom, I find myself struggling over the juxtaposition of price versus real world value. Nothing sustainable has been overlooked, from the olive oil limestone walls and organic...