Greenpoint Nursery

811 Kealakai St,, Hilo, Hawaii
1 review

A beautiful operation serving beautiful anthuriums all over the world. See the fields, the cleaning and shipping process and soak the glory of these gorgeous plants.

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  • 1
    3.85 mi

    Hilo Bay Cafe

    3.85 mi from Greenpoint Nursery
    11 reviews

    Spending the day in Hilo? End it at this fantastic restaurant. Focus on locally sourced ingredients, friendly atmosphere, beautiful views of Hilo Bay

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  • 2
    4.93 mi

    Cafe 100

    4.93 mi from Greenpoint Nursery
    9 reviews

    There is a Loco Moco for everyone; whatever your taste, whatever the season and whatever your price, Cafe 100 got your back. Other menu items are good to and their grilled cheese kids meal is tasty.

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  • 3
    4.9 mi


    4.9 mi from Greenpoint Nursery
    6 reviews

    Fantastic Japanese dining that goes from High-brow to Homestyle. Very hard to find location but serene place for a nice meal with someone special or for a group soiree. Some of the best Japanese food I've ever had, expertly crafted, generous portions, non-prentenous and super tasty. Plus I love the Pagoda-esque building. Very nice touch. This is a Hilo institution. ...

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  • 4
    4.7 mi

    Island Naturals Market & Deli

    4.7 mi from Greenpoint Nursery

    Find healthy local groceries and deli, in Hilo or Pahoa

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  • 5
    4.44 mi


    4.44 mi from Greenpoint Nursery
    4 reviews

    I can't believe this ranked so high. There are so many other great little lunch restaurants in Hilo that aren't chains.

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  • 6
    3.6 mi

    Maui Tacos

    3.6 mi from Greenpoint Nursery
    3 reviews

    Great place to eat in the local mall. Prices vary from cheap to the usual depending on what you get and if your getting a meal verses a single item. Ingredients are fresh and the food is scrumptious. I think this is the only place in the mall where you can have alcohol with your meal as well. They also ...

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  • 7
    4.22 mi

    Leung's Chop Suey House

    4.22 mi from Greenpoint Nursery
    2 reviews

    Again, another one of my childhood favorites. This is the only place in the world, I eat lemon chicken. The best of the best baby!

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  • 8
    3.4 mi

    KTA Super Stores

    3.4 mi from Greenpoint Nursery
    2 reviews

    It may sound strange to visit a grocery store but if you want to understand the local farmers and their products, there is no better place to do it.

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  • 9
    4.45 mi

    Sweet Cane Cafe LLC

    4.45 mi from Greenpoint Nursery
    2 reviews

    Finally a healthy, local, veggie restaurant in Hilo! It's a small cafe with super healthy sprouts and such type of cafe in Hilo. Away from the more touristed parts of town. Yummy selection that creatively uses local ingredients.

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  • 10
    1.92 mi


    1.92 mi from Greenpoint Nursery
    1 review
  • 11
    3.23 mi

    Hilo Rice Noodles Soup

    3.23 mi from Greenpoint Nursery
    1 review
  • 12
    3.88 mi

    Blane's Drive Inn

    3.88 mi from Greenpoint Nursery
    1 review

    If you haven't noticed a pattern yet, let me point it out to you now. Only on the big island will you see the cute mom and pop, hole in the wall type places thrive for many, many years and even sometimes do better than these chains and fancy restaurants. I have loved Blane's for so long and love when ...

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  • 13
    1.98 mi

    Jus' Pound

    1.98 mi from Greenpoint Nursery
    1 review

    Delicious food and great service! Everything made fresh to order with aloha. We tried the fish sandwich and the teri beef, both were delicious. And the garlic fries are make with whole potato slices, delicious!

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  • 14
    3.29 mi

    Sum Leung Chinese Kitchen

    3.29 mi from Greenpoint Nursery
    1 review

    It's crazy because I've been eating at Sum Leung's since I was a kid! Now that I'm older I try to watch what I eat and I usually stay away from "Chinese takeout" but when I'm in Hilo and that crave starts itching, you can find me here.

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  • 15
    1.87 mi

    Pizza Hut

    1.87 mi from Greenpoint Nursery
    1 review
  • 16
    4.89 mi

    Itsu's Fishing Supplies Inc

    4.89 mi from Greenpoint Nursery

    No matter what, when I go home, I HAVE to stop here within my first day back. Its like as soon as I land, I get that craving for a pastrami burger & ice shave from Itsu's. I have loved this place since I was younger. The food is always good, the ice shave is the best in Hilo, the ...

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  • 17
    3.65 mi


    3.65 mi from Greenpoint Nursery

    There are two full service Starbucks in the Hilo area one is near to the downtown and this one is out near the mall. Both offer free WiFi, lots of seats and places to plug in. Even with lots of seating both are often packed with people on their laptops. If you are looking to check your email while getting ...

  • 18
    1.88 mi

    Hokulani's Steak House

    1.88 mi from Greenpoint Nursery
    1 review

    Hokulani's Steak House is located in the town of Keaau a bit off the usual tourist track. They have a standard American menu including French onion soup, Caesars salad, burgers and fries. It one of the only restaurants in Keaau and the food is not bad.

  • 19
    3.84 mi

    1 Plus 1 Cafe LLC

    3.84 mi from Greenpoint Nursery
    1 review

    Actually not as bad as I originally thought it might be. The decor is sparse but the food is pretty good, very standard Asian fusion. I've been there are couple times and I'd go back again.

  • 20
    5.29 mi

    Ken's House of Pancakes

    5.29 mi from Greenpoint Nursery

    Downtown Hilo and open 7/24, it has great service, wonderful staff and good food. Impossible to beat for breakfast.

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