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    Tikal National Park

    27 reviews

    There's just nothing that can prepare you for the first time you see Tikal. Thousand-year-old buildings pop their heads out of the misty jungle, and you can't imagine anyone building the city today, much less in ancient times. Plan to fly here and spend at least a night or two in the Peten, as driving here is extremely long and ...

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    Lago de Atitlan

    16 reviews

    This lake, the deepest in Central America, is also one of the most picturesque spots in Guatemala, and a week of village-hopping around its various shore communities (each one has its own flavor) is a highlight of any visit to the country. The towns ringing the lake are home to large indigenous Mayan populations, and three large volcanoes, ripe for ...

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    Mercado de Artesanias (Market)

    9 reviews

    There are actually two large markets next to each other. This market, de Artesanias, has more than 100 stalls where mostly indigenous Mayas sell beautiful handcrafted goods. The other market, simply known as El Mercado, is an enormous indoor/outdoor not to be missed. You can pick up just about anything you need at this market. It seems like a maze ...

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    Parque Central

    7 reviews

    The Main Square is the center of our City. It is a lovely park that surrounded by our landmark colonial architecture: the Cathedral and Archbishop's Palace ruins, the Royal Palace, etc., and where you will see how the local population (including our Mayans) mingle and enjoy it.

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    Semuc Champey

    6 reviews

    This was one of the best experiences I have ever had in years. There is a tour arranged by locals for 25 dollars visiting Semuc Champey at the end of a cave tour. A small truck came to hold 22 people, we were loaded and stacked just like animals. There are a few other activities including jumping off a cliff, ...

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    Lake Amatitlán

    7 reviews


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    Cerro de la Cruz (Hill of the Cross)

    5 reviews

    Beautiful views of Antigua and the Volcano Agua. Assaults and muggings of tourists is common as the day wears on, so take a police escort with you. The "tip" you give them is totally worth not getting stabbed and robbed.

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  • 8

    La Merced Church

    4 reviews

    A thoroughly beautiful baroque church in the heart of Antigua, the sidewalks and courtyards of La Merced are a popular gathering place for locals, and an excellent spot for photography.

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  • 9

    Volcán Pacaya

    3 reviews

    Awesome experience. For very cheap, you can climb and camp on top of Volcan Pacaya. It is one of the most active volcanoes in the Western Hemisphere and is very accessible. The summit to the top requires some leg strength but any athletic folk should have no trouble getting near the top. This volcano provide excellent views to the surrounding ...

  • 10


    3 reviews

    My favorite ruin in Antigua. It's behind the bus station and I never even knew about until my third trip to Antigua.

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  • 11

    La Aurora International Airport

    4 reviews

    The airport is located only 35 miles from our home and it takes about 45 minutes to an hour to get there.

  • 12

    Reserva Natural Atitlan

    3 reviews

    While it can't compare to Guatemala's massive nature preserves and national parks in the North and East of the country, Reserva Natural Atitlan is still a terrific way to spend a couple hours once you're able to tear yourself away from the beauty of the volcano-rimmed Lake Atitlan. This lush 400-acre park offers some nice hiking (and safer hiking than ...

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  • 14

    San Juan del Obispo

    2 reviews

    Very much worth a bus ride up the hill. Large convent that is now a museum. Great restaurant opened weekends just as you enter town.

  • 15

    La Casbah

    2 reviews

    When I lived in Antigua, I danced salsa and merengue more than is probably healthy for any one human being. (Granted, I was finally in a country where the men were short enough for teeny tiny me to dance with.) And no less than twice a week, I was at La Casbah. I don't care how many holes my La ...

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  • 16

    El Calvario

    2 reviews

    This is a 17th century baroque church, located at the south end of the city. Famous landmark, last Station of the Cross. With many festivities year round; in Holy Week with many processions.

  • 17

    Capuchinas Convent

    2 reviews

    A must see if you are interested in the ruins in Antigua.

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  • 18

    Museo de Armas de Santiago Antigua Guatemala

    2 reviews

    If you are a huge military history buff then I guess you might find it interesting. If not it isn't worth your time

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  • 19

    Mixco Viejo

    1 review

    You can visit the ruins of the old Mayan cities (such as Mixco viejo or Iximche) and ruins about an hour's drive from Antigua.

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  • 20


    1 review

    A volunteer organization out of Quetzaltenango, Quetzaltrekkers runs hiking and camping expeditions into the surrounding mountains, and treks to destinations as far away as Lago de Atitlan. Their rates are cheap, the volunteers (a mix of foreigners and local people) are friendly and knowledgeable, and all profits from the outfit are donated to La Escuela de la Calle, a school ...

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