Állatkerti út 2, Budapest 1146 Hungary
5 reviews

The dinner I had in here was the one of the best dinners I have ever had in my life... They have an elegant menu including many dishes with game meat & innovative sauces... Hungarian wine is strong & goes very well with the game dishes... I recommend pheasant filled with fois gras & wrapped in smoked bacon... It was ...

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  • 41
    2.7 mi

    Black Cab Burger

    2.7 mi from Gundel
    1 review

    The burgers - especially the Cabbie Burger - and the fries are awesome. The staff is very nice, the place is a must-visit.

  • 42
    2.36 mi

    Café Pierrot Restaurant

    2.36 mi from Gundel
    1 review

  • 43
    1.8 mi

    Sirius Teahaz

    1.8 mi from Gundel

    This teahouse is unlike any other. There are many nooks and crannies to enjoy your tea in, as well as some rooms that are more like jungle gyms. There are rooms you have to crawl into and lofts you can climb up rope ladders to. It's really awesome. The tea is also great, they have a big selection. I definitely ...

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  • 44
    1.58 mi

    Mozaik Kavezo

    1.58 mi from Gundel

    Visited Mozaik twice because it was so damn cute. It's a pretty cafe on Kiraly, a street with a bunch of other cute cafes. This one was pretty alright in terms of pricing, and the food was not bad. The ambiance was what made it-- really cool space with lots of writing on the walls. We can see how this ...

  • 45
    2.39 mi

    Marika néni kávézója

    2.39 mi from Gundel
    1 review

    No matter where you are from Marika néni always finds the way to your heart. Maybe you speak a different language but she talks in an international one the language of heart. She always smiling and make her hamburgers with love. I have never ever seen such a big hamburger and if you now the secret word you get discount. ...

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  • 46
    1.85 mi

    Gerlóczy: Kávéház szobákkal

    1.85 mi from Gundel
    1 review
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  • 47
    1.99 mi


    1.99 mi from Gundel

    A very gypsy New Year.. We had a 5 course meal that was fantastic and the gypsy band was amazing.

  • 48
    1.21 mi

    Alexandra Könyvesház - Párizsi Nagyáruház

    1.21 mi from Gundel

    The most unexpectedly beautiful cafe with delicious desserts and excellent coffee drinks. We discovered this place by accident, when we decided to explore a bookstore we saw walking down Andrassy utca. It's located inside the Alexandra bookstore, so it's not very obvious to the un-informed traveller. You enter the bookstore, go up the stairs to the second floor, and there ...

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  • 49
    1.16 mi

    Bombay Palace

    1.16 mi from Gundel
    1 review

    My dad was literally dripping sweat all over his face the last time we ate here. And he didn't stop eating, which tells you just how worthwhile the food is. This is probably the best Indian restaurant in Budapest - amazing curries, naan, tandoori lamb, all in an elegant, almost palace-like setting with chandeliers and red and gold decor. If ...

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  • 50
    1.83 mi

    Nobu Budapest

    1.83 mi from Gundel
    1 review

    Having lived in Budapest for 3 years now, I literally cannot count how many times I've eaten here. Clearly one of THE best restaurants in BP and totally up to the standards of Nobu in Southbeach, London or NY. Atmosphere isn't quite as 'pretentious' or 'hip' as some of those but the food's outstanding and also somewhat more reasonably priced ...

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  • 51
    1.16 mi

    Bock Bisztro

    1.16 mi from Gundel
    1 review

    This is clearly one of the top 5 or 6 restaurants in Budapest in terms of overall 'quality' of food. The syle is also unique as it's sort of a 'gourmet' take on some very traditional Hungarian dishes (e.g. Mangalica (type of pig) ears, pork cracklings). But it's all done VERY well and presented and served in sophisticated manner. Located ...

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  • 52
    1.49 mi

    Trófea Grill Restaurant

    1.49 mi from Gundel
    1 review

    Very friendly and helpful staff. Great food for an all-in price! Even champagne (not really champagne, but close enough) is included. When you have finished one dish, it doesn't take long for the waiters to clear your table so you're ready for the next course. They also often come by with extra food (like pizza for example).

  • 53
    2.13 mi

    Mátyás Pince Étterem

    2.13 mi from Gundel
    1 review

    This is a nice restaurant a short walk from where we were staying at the Marriott Hotel. We were part of a large group which they handled easily. The food was good and the service was very nice. This can be considered a touristy place but we found it worth it. The location is in a nice area near the ...

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  • 54
    1.6 mi

    Farger Kávé

    1.6 mi from Gundel
    1 review
  • 55
    1.21 mi

    Szilvuplé Varieté

    1.21 mi from Gundel
    1 review
  • 56
    1.43 mi


    1.43 mi from Gundel
    1 review
  • 57
    2.35 mi


    2.35 mi from Gundel
    1 review
  • 58
    1.24 mi

    Café Bouchon

    1.24 mi from Gundel
    1 review

    This is a lovely restaurant that is out of the beaten path of tourists, so I quite like the relaxed atmosphere. We had a lovely surprise as we got in. Because we had to wait for about 5 minutes for our table to be prepared, the host offered us sparkling wine. I would say the menu was pan European with ...

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  • 59
    1.96 mi

    Hard Rock Cafe Budapest

    1.96 mi from Gundel
    1 review
  • 60
    1.55 mi

    Szoda Bar and Dance Club

    1.55 mi from Gundel
    1 review
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