161, Sajik-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
10 reviews

Gyeongbokgung was originally built during Korea's Joseon dynasty, first meant to house King Taejo. The original was destroyed by the Japanese, but the palace and the grounds have been restored beautifully. Today, the palace sits just to the west of the lovely Seochon neighborhood, north of Insadong, and near the historical Bukchon neighborhood. It's proximity to these places, as well ...

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  • 21
    0.48 mi

    폴바셋 (Paul Bassett)

    0.48 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    1 review

    Popular place for the office workers nearby. Located in between several office buildings. Relatively good coffee for the price (if you consider coffee is very expensive in Seoul). Window seat is good place for people watching. You can see Oman Embassy from here.

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  • 22
    0.59 mi


    0.59 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    1 review

    Great coffee, tea, and atmosphere! It is located in Insadong so it's a great place to rest after shopping.

  • 23
    0.57 mi

    Loving Hut-Oh Sae Gye Hyang

    0.57 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    1 review

    One of my regular feeding grounds. A great place to come after Hiking on Inwangsan, visiting Samcheong Dong or the palaces, this restaurant is a franchise found all across the world but they all have their own style. This one serves vegan versions of Korean food in a traditional Korean house and has a freezer cabinet of veggie-Korean products you ...

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  • 24
    1.32 mi

    김밥천국 Kimbap Cheonguk

    1.32 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    5 reviews

    A chain of eateries so common that you can often see one whilst standing in the doorway of another, Kimbap Cheonguk (look for the orange sign reading '김밥천국') is delicious, dirt cheap, and probably the single best introduction to Korean food that you can find in Seoul. You'll never spend more than 5000W for a meal, but the menu is ...

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  • 25
    1.27 mi

    Myeongdong Gyoja

    1.27 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    5 reviews

    For out-of-this-world mondu (dumplings) and kalguksu (wheat noodle soup), this popular restaurant is the place to. Yes, there's always a line out the door and down the street, but it moves quickly. The kongguksu (soy bean and milk noodle soup) is also worth a try, particularly during the summer months when this cold and creamy soup is a refreshing treat. ...

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  • 26
    3.27 mi

    Vatos Urban Tacos

    3.27 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    4 reviews

    Great place to grab some chips and dip, tacos, and craft beer before heading out on the town. However get here early on the weekend or the wait will be over an hour.

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  • 27
    1.21 mi

    Cafe De L'ambre

    1.21 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    4 reviews

    This 4-story cafe includes a bakery, sells gelato and serves lunch and dinner. Each floor has a different theme, too. They are awesome all across the board - well prepared drinks, unique baked goods and delicious pastries! Their prices are a bit high, but with good reason.

  • 28
    1.48 mi

    전광수 Coffee House

    1.48 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    3 reviews

    전광수 Coffee House is a cafe that is serious about coffee. This is a place that doesn't bother with too many lattes or non-coffee drinks but specializes in roast blends and desserts. They even offer classes for those interested in learning more about hand drips.

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  • 29
    3.22 mi

    Braai Republic

    3.22 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    3 reviews

    Best place to eat in Seoul!!! You must eat at this South African restaurant. It's lamb chops and garlic mash is to die for!!!

  • 30
    3.2 mi


    3.2 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    3 reviews

    Zelen is a Bulgarian restaurant. The food is pretty meat and cheese heavy. I got a broccoli cheese stew that was mostly cheese and cream. It was really delicious. Everyone enjoyed their food here. Probably not good for vegans.

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  • 31
    2.0 mi

    Everest Nepalese and Tibetan Restaurant

    2.0 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    3 reviews

    Everest is a good Indian restaurant in Seoul. There's this one in Dongdaemun and also one very close to Yeongdeungpo Station.

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  • 32
    1.36 mi

    Isaac Toast

    1.36 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    2 reviews

    The ahjunma there is very friendly and there are a variety of toast bread choices to choose from!

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  • 33
    1.67 mi

    Two Two Fried Chicken

    1.67 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    2 reviews

    The restaurant is small and crowded during dinner time. But they served delicious and crispy authentic Korean fried chicken!

  • 34
    2.62 mi

    복성각 Bok Seong Gak

    2.62 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    2 reviews

    If you like Chinese food, this is the place to go! Located in the back alley of Sinchon, Bok Seong Gak offers great spread of menu. Their specialty is different styles of noodles, but traditional Korean-Chinese dishes are great.

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  • 35
    2.87 mi

    Palsaik Samgyulsal (팔색 삼겹살)

    2.87 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    2 reviews

    New Korean BBQ restaurant. Creative menu, and very clean! Now this is the hottest restaurant in Sinchon area. Crews are super friendly, and the vegetables are amazing here. Seafood soup is good (and very generous portion). If you are heading to Sinchon and want to have some BBQ, try Palsaik Samgyupsal!

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  • 36
    2.09 mi

    바렌티나치키 Varenne Tina Chicken

    2.09 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    2 reviews

    너무 맛있다 !!!!

  • 37
    3.62 mi

    신칸센 - 벤또 & 이자까야

    3.62 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    2 reviews


  • 38
    1.15 mi

    cafe mano

    1.15 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    1 review

    Homey, fusion cafe. I love coming here to meet people or just to work as they have comfy cushions and plentiful plug sockets. They only offer a handful of main dishes but they are all tasty. The chickpea salad and the perilla pasta probably top the list, but the real treat is the impressive array of vegan friendly hot drinks ...

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  • 39
    3.13 mi


    3.13 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    2 reviews

    small but good cafe

  • 40
    3.23 mi

    Smokey Saloon @Itaewon 본점 Seo

    3.23 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    1 review

    Best American food in Seoul. Hamburgers mmmmmmmm.

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