161, Sajik-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
10 reviews

Gyeongbokgung was originally built during Korea's Joseon dynasty, first meant to house King Taejo. The original was destroyed by the Japanese, but the palace and the grounds have been restored beautifully. Today, the palace sits just to the west of the lovely Seochon neighborhood, north of Insadong, and near the historical Bukchon neighborhood. It's proximity to these places, as well ...

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  • 61
    1.9 mi

    Migliore Food Carts

    1.9 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    1 review

    Migliore. a shopping center in Dongdaemun, can be seen for miles around, but don't just follow the deals. In the front of this building are a long line of Korean street food carts, most of which have the illustrious Korean street food known as "monnani." Koreans love to eat what westerners know as corn dogs: Hot dogs on a stick, ...

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  • 62
    3.29 mi


    3.29 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    1 review

    Newly refurbished and still just as amazing vegan restaurant run by well-known Seoul vegan bloggite. You can really feel the personal attention and care devoted to this tiny, vegan mecca. They offer a choice of two dishes and a range of vegan cakes, changing the savoury menu every week so you’re always left wanting more! I love anything they make ...

  • 63
    2.64 mi

    Loving Hut- Rainbow Branch

    2.64 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    1 review

    Loving Hut's menu is very similar to that of Ohsyegye Hang in Insadong; Korean style vegan food. However, it's style is quite different. It's a bright, modern cafe, making it the ideal place to go to grab a quick, reasonably priced, healthy vegan meal. It's perfect for dining alone, but also for relaxing with friends or working as it also ...

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  • 64
    3.69 mi

    Gusto Taco 구스토 타코

    3.69 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    1 review

    Everytime I go here I feel like I get genuine personal service. If you’re a new customer the owner will make sure to come and speak to you, find out about you and explain the menu. Its corn tortilla tacos are the best I’ve ever eaten and they can cater for veggies and vegans. It’s a good place to grab ...

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  • 65
    3.39 mi

    Paris Baguette

    3.39 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    1 review

    Ubiquitous Paris Baguette in Seoul ensure anyone who is hungry at anywhere can always count on getting a delicious pastry fix at a Paris Baguette outlet near you.

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  • 66
    3.22 mi

    Hongik Sutbul Galbi

    3.22 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    1 review

    Near Hongik University station on line 2, this galbi place is tasty, cheap, unpretentious and popular with the locals - just what a galbi restaurant should be. Particularly delicious is the mok-sal: pork neck.

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  • 67
    1.31 mi

    Street Cart Lady

    1.31 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    1 review

    This lady has a tiny cart that serves some legit odeng (fish cakes), ddeokbokki (spicy rice cakes), boonguhbbang (fished shaped cakes filled with sweet red bean) and hoddeok (sweet sugar and cinnamon filled pancake).

  • 68
    1.18 mi

    Korea Ginseng Chicken Soup

    1.18 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    1 review

    Korea Ginseng Chicken Soup is an "old timer" ginseng establishment that is popular with both locals and visitors. They offer choices of both black and white chicken with different types of ginsengs and add ons. Ginseng Chicken Soup is a representative Korea dish and KGCS is a great choice to enjoy this famous local soup.

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  • 69
    3.51 mi

    Hello Kitty Cafe Seoul

    3.51 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    1 review

    Fans of the lovable Kitty must visit this cute not so little 3 storied high cafe that serves delicious coffee and kitty pastries. Kitty fans will be very happy here :-)

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  • 70
    3.23 mi

    피자필 Pizza Peel

    3.23 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    1 review

    This place serves up pizza and calzones made in a real brick oven. If you're looking for real, tasty, Western-style pizza, this is a great place to come, though it's a bit on the expensive side. You can also design your own pizza or calzone - I made a calzone with green peppers, ricotta, and feta. Delicious.

  • 71
    3.73 mi


    3.73 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    1 review

    Modernized korean restaurant near Sangsu stat. on subway line 6. Family style, only daily menu available.

  • 72
    4.49 mi

    Han Sung Kal Gook Soo

    4.49 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    1 review

    This is one of my favorite Kal Gook Soo places, which is the flat, thick flour noodles in Korean cuisine. Their noodles are good, but what's better here is their steam beef flank and pork. Also their steamed Korean dumplings (man doo) is tasty. Everything here is clean and has very little spice besides the kimchee.

  • 73
    3.96 mi


    3.96 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    1 review

    Italian restaurants abound in Seoul, though not many of them can pull off even the most basic pasta dishes. Pepperoni, a chic little eatery in Hapjeong, manages to do so. They understand what spices belong in Italian pasta sauces and don't attempt to give them a Korean spin as many lesser wannabes do. The small menu consists of mostly pasta ...

  • 74
    3.25 mi

    Los Amigos

    3.25 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    1 review

    No, it's not really authentic Mexican, but Los Amigo's is one of the better spots in Seoul to satisfy your craving for south of the border eats. The massive menu boasts all the typical fare you'd expect: quesadillas, fajitas, burritos, tacos, enchiladas, etc. The margaritas are especially delicious. Plus, the place is absolutely huge, making it a fabulous place for ...

  • 75
    3.29 mi

    (주)제스터스코리아 Jester's Pies

    3.29 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    1 review

    Tasty, authentic Australian meat pies! I got the Southern Man (steak and cheese) pie and my boyfriend got the butter chicken one - both delicious! Reminded me of meat pies in New Zealand.

  • 76
    1.37 mi

    칼리 Kali

    1.37 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    1 review

    Quite a good little Indian place near Hyehwa Station. Good value lunch sets. They gave us some free chai with ours, it was really good.

  • 77
    1.41 mi

    Lemon Sprite

    1.41 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    1 review

    Freshly squeezed lemon juice and Korean cider in a plastic bag!

  • 78
    2.16 mi


    2.16 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    1 review

    A bit of a starchy, formal dining room so better for business lunches or dinners. But the real draw is the re-interpretation of dishes from the Korean imperial court.

  • 79
    3.23 mi


    3.23 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    1 review

    I was surprised how to find how good the food was here! It was a nice welcome to have a taste of home (I'm from LA) in Korea. The staff were very nice and accommodating to my non-Korean speaking guests. The prices are affordable, too! Try their California burrito, shrimp quesadillas and churros!

  • 80
    1.84 mi


    1.84 mi from Gyeongbokgung
    1 review

    짜장떡볶이를 좋아하신다면! It's a unique ddeokboki, with black sauce. Spicy and sweet at the same time! The shop is decorated with 80s and 90s theme. Old comic books, toys, newspaper, action figures, and celebrity posters.

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