Half & Half Tea House

17575 Colima Rd., Industry, CA 91748
5 reviews

Without a doubt their drinks are good. I have yet to dislike any one of the drinks I have ordered but I do agree with many people that the hype for this place is out of control. The long lines are no longer as long as they used to be on a daily basis but it still get's pretty crazy ...

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    0.08 mi

    MJ Cafe

    17521 Colima Road, Rowland Heights, California
    0.08 mi from Half & Half Tea House
    4 reviews

    I came here the other day with my best friend and i enjoyed my experience. The waiters were super helpful and attentive. My first time at MJ was pretty unmemorable, just remembered the fried rice I ordered was too oily. But I think I ordered the right thing on my second visit and will probably stick with this choice for ...

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  • 2
    0.0 mi

    Half & Half Tea Express

    17575 Colima Road, Industry, CA
    0.0 mi from Half & Half Tea House
    5 reviews

    Ive been to the San Gabriel location a couple of times and actually stood there waiting. Waiting for stupid honey boba milk tea is seriously not worth it in my books.. so i wasn't exactly thrilled when my friend asked to meet up at the Rowland location for tea after work. Of course, the trooper that i am, I sucked ...

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    0.13 mi


    17525 Colima Rd, Rowland Heights, California
    0.13 mi from Half & Half Tea House
    3 reviews

    Really great restaurant idea here. I was really sad at first because this place replaced Rubios but as soon as I tried the pizza here, I loved it! You get to customize how you would like your pizza for est. $7.50. And you can add a drink for just about a dollar. The ingredients here are also super fresh and ...

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  • 4
    0.13 mi

    Pieology Pizzeria

    17525 Colima Road, City of Industry, CA
    0.13 mi from Half & Half Tea House
    2 reviews

    I love that the pizzas here are thin crust. The concept is just like chipotle where you order whatever toppings you want. Add the herb butter to you pie for that extra something special. Don't go too crazy with your toppings though because the crust will not hold up well. The service is friendly and there is always a line.

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  • 5
    0.18 mi


    Unit F, 17501 Colima Road, Rowland Heights, California, United States
    0.18 mi from Half & Half Tea House

    Great service. Love the charm this place has and really yummy food! From what I heard, all the shaved ice flavors are really good. People recommended the mango and hazelnut. They even have avocado flavor but dont let that discourage you from trying it. It seems promising! Also, the mochi here are reallllyyy good, do definitely add that to your ...

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  • 6
    0.18 mi


    G1, 17501 Colima Road, Industry, CA
    0.18 mi from Half & Half Tea House
    2 reviews

    Often times it is difficult to write reviews for chain restaurants. What can you really say? In general the food is the same from location to location. So either you like it or you don't. However, SERVICE is one aspect in which you can set yourself apart! Some buddies and I stopped by to grab some wings and beer this ...

  • 7
    0.19 mi

    I-Sweet Dessert House

    17501 Colima Rd
    0.19 mi from Half & Half Tea House

    Not the best shaved snow I had, but you definitely have a variety of flavors to choose from! My go-to place for the most delicious shaved snow have always been Class 302, although I wanted to try something different and found I-Sweet Dessert House. My friend and I decided to share a large and it was plenty for the both ...

  • 8
    0.16 mi

    Chipotle Mexican Grill

    17501 Colima Road, Industry, CA, United States
    0.16 mi from Half & Half Tea House
    1 review

    This place is one of my favorite places to eat! I love the large portions and the customization options. Sometimes about the food keeps me coming back for more. I remember coming here a lot when I lived in the area and was always greeted with a warm smile and a heaping spoonful of food. I actually dislike cilantro which ...

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  • 9
    0.17 mi

    Jamba Juice

    17501 Colima Rd, City of Industry, CA, United States
    0.17 mi from Half & Half Tea House
    1 review

    YUM! Pretty kewl kicken lil Jamba Juice here. It has that jamba juice santized smell of clean and a friendly staff. Its set up a lil different than normal, but that isnt an issue. So I walked in while trying to pull up a coupon on my phone and they knew the coupon I was after so I didnt have ...

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    0.61 mi

    85C Bakery Cafe

    17170 Colima Road, Hacienda Heights, CA, United States
    0.61 mi from Half & Half Tea House
    9 reviews

    This place was crazy packed! Generdlly a good sign and I wasn't disappointed! Everything is fresh and delicious!

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    0.85 mi

    Ramen Yukino Ya

    0.85 mi from Half & Half Tea House
    5 reviews

    Simple menu. Authentic ramen. Perfectly boiled egg. Yukino Ya stews their tonkotsu for 10 hours, which brings out the creamy flavor without the top layer of oils that you find at other ramen joints. You can choose between wavy (popular) or straight (traditional) noodles with your bowl. What really separates them from the crowd is the garlic press*, which you ...

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    0.62 mi

    Guppy House

    17188 Colima Rd, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
    0.62 mi from Half & Half Tea House
    7 reviews

    There are a number of things you can get at the Guppy House, but you have to try their "Toast" which is a fat slice of chinese bread smothered with chocolate, peanut butter, and sweet condensed milk. Plus get the side of sweet strawberries and mango. If it's a hot day, get the shaved ice with everything on it (red ...

  • 13
    0.68 mi

    Earthen Restaurants

    1639 S Azusa Ave, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
    0.68 mi from Half & Half Tea House
    8 reviews

    This is a great chinese place, cheap and quality food. You have to get the: House Chicken, very flavorful with this soy sauce mixed with garlic and cucumbers, green onion pancakes (I think one of the best), and the potstickers are excellent.

  • 14
    0.89 mi

    Banana Bay Restaurant

    18230 Colima Rd, Rowland Heights, CA 91748
    0.89 mi from Half & Half Tea House
    9 reviews

    YUM!! I love love love the fried rices here. They are all really good but I always get crab fried rice. This place gets pretty busy from time to time and it's located in a pretty popular plaza so parking gets a little difficult. The ambience of this place is pretty nice and sometimes there are bands who play music ...

  • 15
    0.61 mi

    Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

    1548 South Azusa Avenue, Industry, CA
    0.61 mi from Half & Half Tea House

    Ok so we all want to be bad now and then right? Well this place makes it sooo easy to be bad. It is right on my way to work and they have some truly decadent stuff to chomp on. I dont come here super often, but it is always a fun treat when I do. I truly enjoy an ...

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  • 16
    0.38 mi

    Furaibo Japanese Restaurant

    17859 Colima Rd
    0.38 mi from Half & Half Tea House
    4 reviews

    Japanese fried chicken. When I first heard these words, I didn't know what to expect. But it was salty, spicy surprise. Be sure to buy the 50% off coupons that are available online if you decide to go.

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  • 17
    0.42 mi

    Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar

    1576 S Azusa Ave, Industry, CA
    0.42 mi from Half & Half Tea House
    2 reviews

    I actually liked this place. It was pretty crowded but they found a place for us. They have 50 TVs inside and outside total. WOW. I could watch the game from ANY angle. Of course they were showing clips of the previous games, you can't really hear the commentary but at least you could watch it. FOOD: Got the ribs ...

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    0.91 mi


    1737 Fullerton Road, Rowland Heights, California 91748, United States
    0.91 mi from Half & Half Tea House
    3 reviews

    Good drinks, I love getting the taro milk tea with boba here. You can even have the choice of getting it warm or cold. The only downside of this place is that their drinks are pretty pricey

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    0.37 mi

    Restaurant Kamon

    17855 Colima Road, Industry, CA, United States
    0.37 mi from Half & Half Tea House
    4 reviews

    This restaurant has great service. They came by multiple times to refill my glass of water and my friend's glass of green tea. The sashimi itself was fresh and delicious, though my friend said that he had better uni elsewhere. The two entrees and a yellowtail appetizer the total came out to be a little more than $50 which is ...

  • 20
    0.94 mi

    Easy Earthen

    18303 Colima Rd
    0.94 mi from Half & Half Tea House
    3 reviews

    I got the house chicken to go, its really good! I love their sauce, its sweet and a little tangy. It reminds me one of the vietnamese sauces that our family uses for our papaya salad. The chicken is good and tender. The bottom of the chicken has lots of cucumbers! Very healthy meal in my opinion, I was expecting ...

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