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Will be going to Aalst in Belgium and might have a few hours to visit Ghent. What are the photogenic places to visit Ghent in a November evening

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    • Pro 2014
      Mark Hellemans commented on this list

      these three are what you should see if you only have a few hours

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    • Graslei & KorenleiGent, Belgium
      Pro 2014
      Mark Hellemans recommended Graslei & Korenlei
      Two streets, one on each side of the water in between. An incredible amount of great looking old houses. This must be one of the most amazing sights of Belgium, and Ghent in particular. Take you time ... read more
      to look around, and then do it a second time with binoculars. Or sit down on the terrace of the many bars & restaurants and enjoy the view
      .Comment.10 months ago. Report
      Mark Hellemans

      very photogenic area in the centre

    • GravensteenJan Breydelstraat 35, Gent, Belgium
      Pro 2014
      Mark Hellemans recommended Gravensteen
      A real medieval castle still clearly showing its primal defense function. Don't expect a fancy interior. Instead you get a few rooms with armor, torture instruments and history. It is not stuffed with ... read more
      items, on the contrary, but all well explained. The castle itself is a maze of stairways, hidden chambers, without any decoration with thick defensive walls. From the top of the main tower you have a nice view over the city.
      .Comment.10 months ago. Report
      Mark Hellemans

      very nice castle in the center of the city and nicely illuminated too

    • Pro 2014
      Mark Hellemans recommended St. Baafs Kathedraal Ghent
      Great cathedral in a wonderful location. Another Gothic monument in Ghent, but with some Baroque and Rococo elements inside. Also famous for the wonderful painting "Het Lam God's" (the Adoration of ... read more
      the Mystic Lamb) by Hubert and Jan Van Eyck. I can look at this painting for hours, even if that is unpractical due to the crowded situation in the small room where it is displayed
      .Comment.10 months ago. Report
      Mark Hellemans

      even if not open, it is still in a nice area and illuminated

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