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    Hoan Kiem Lake

    52 reviews

    Hoan Kiem Lake is located right by the Old Quarter in Hanoi. It's a lovely place to stroll around during the day. At night, the red colored bridge and monument comes alive with the bright lights and lovers huddled on the benches. It's lovely.

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  • 2

    Temple of Literature

    27 reviews

    The temple is also one of the few remnants of the Ly kings; original city and retains a strong sense of harmony despite reconstruction and embellishment over the nine hundred years since its dedication in 1070.

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  • 3

    Hanoi Old Quarter

    20 reviews

    Hanoi might be a mess of traffic and unappealing architecture, but the city's old quarter is about as nice as a Vietnamese big city gets, with plenty of cool bars, shops and restaurants, photogenic old buildings, and a nifty park around a pretty lake. It might also be a haven for Hanoi's tourists, but a few camera-toting yokels doesn't detract ...

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    Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

    20 reviews

    He died in 1969,still look good and fit.

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  • 5

    One Pillar Pagoda

    16 reviews

    More photos and full review can be read from my blog: The area is unavoidable to most travelers as within it held a few locales which resonated with most visitors, local and foreign alike. And in an area where nearly every entrance demanded a fee, this was one of those which required none. The original pagoda, we learnt sadly, ...

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    Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

    9 reviews

    This was my favorite stop on our tour of Hanoi. The museum has great displays inside the main building which show you how Vietnamese from around the country work, live, celebrate, etc. There are videos, photos and displays to really make it come to life and even the kids enjoyed it. Even better, they have an open-air museum outside with ...

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  • 7

    Than Long Water Puppet Theater

    12 reviews

    I know it's known as a "must see" experience in Hanoi, but I really didn't care to watch the entire show. It's definitely unique, but I got the impression from the show that it's really just exists to this day to get money from tourists.

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  • 8

    Hanoi Opera House

    9 reviews


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  • 9

    Night market

    6 reviews

    Lots of things can be bought here, clothes, handcrafts, souvenirs, toys, food and lots of other things! It's crowded so watch out for pick pocketers! It's also quite hard to get a cab from here and as a tourist your gonna get a really bad deal at all these kind of markets but it's worth it and still cheap!

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  • 10

    Bia Hoi Street

    6 reviews

    8000 dong for beer, that's roughly 38 cents. Need I say more?

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  • 11

    Quan Thanh Pagoda

    9 reviews

    dont remember much of it.

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  • 12

    Vietnam Fine Arts Museum

    6 reviews

    Right near the Temple of Literature, this is a lovely art museum. The ground floor has some ancient art which I particularly enjoyed. There was also an excellent temporary exhibit. It was not at all crowded which was a bonus too.

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  • 13

    Vietnam History Museum

    6 reviews

    The museum forecourt is full of weaponry: pride of place goes to a Russian MiG 21 fighter, alongside artillery from the battle of Dien Bien Phu and a tank from the American War, while the second courtyard is dominated by the mangled wreckage of assorted American planes piled against a tree. The exhibition proper starts on the arcaded building‘s second ...

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  • 14

    Ho Tay Lake Water Park

    5 reviews

    I don't understand

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  • 15

    Lucky Vietnam Visa

    4 reviews

    We used that company in May and had no problems what so ever. Just so you know your confirmation letter will have other travellers names included on it - this is normal. Happy Travels

  • 16

    Vietnamese Coffee

    4 reviews

    After my morning walk around the Old Quarter, I'd meet with my tour guide to sit on a milk crate and drink an iced coffee. Delicious, sweet memories! If you love coffee, this experience is necessary!

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  • 17

    West Lake and Youth Road

    4 reviews

    Interestingly, this place attracts locals as well as tourists - you can see the locals either strolling along the path or just simply chatted by the lake

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  • 18

    St. Joseph's Cathedral

    5 reviews

    Interesting old church in Hanoi. Worth stopping in if you are walking by, but I wouldn't go out of my way to see it. Usually very quiet ( obviously not on Sundays :)

  • 19

    Old Hanoi Cooking Center

    4 reviews

    You‘ll find everything from humble food stalls and street kitchens, the best dishing out top-quality food for next to nothing, to an increasing number of stylish international restaurants, mostly found around Hoan Kiem Lake and in the French Quarter: check English-language listings magazines such as Pathfinder or the excellent New Hanoian website ( for the latest newcomers. There‘s no shortage, ...

  • 20

    Vietnam Women's Museum

    4 reviews

    Very good a must must to see what the woman have to go through and been through over the years, I felt heart broken after reading some of the things, like the street woman that have to get up at 4am work until 7.30pm just so they can feed there children and sent them to school, most of of them ...

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