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    0.56 mi


    0.56 mi from Haunted History Tours
    11 reviews

    Rock N' Bowl 3000 S Carrollton Ave New Orleans, LA 70118 (504) 861-1700

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    0.93 mi from Haunted History Tours
    3 reviews

    Love this place! Great brisket and collards

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    0.51 mi

    Ye Olde College Inn

    0.51 mi from Haunted History Tours

    Sacred ground for New Orleans folks. But, the only holdover item is the oyster loaf. Everything is is up-to-date and even better. Barbecue shrimp. Beef Wellington from a cow raised on their own farm. Many items grown in their own garden next door.

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    0.76 mi

    Five Happiness Restaurant

    0.76 mi from Haunted History Tours
    1 review

    Arguably the best Chinese food in the area. Amazing atmosphere inside. Huge portions. Well worth the wait and the price. Good luck finding parking.

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    0.92 mi

    Lebanon's Cafe

    0.92 mi from Haunted History Tours
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    0.77 mi

    Hollygrove Market & Farm

    0.77 mi from Haunted History Tours
    1 review

    Great Farmer's Market. For $25 you get a "Weekend Box" full of 100% local seasonal fruits and vegetables. A recent box included: tomatoes, peaches, bell peppers, blueberries, strawberries, carrots, green beans, potatoes and beets.

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    0.49 mi

    Felipe's Taqueria

    0.49 mi from Haunted History Tours
    1 review

    Fabulous Burritos!

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    0.47 mi

    Riccobono's Panola Street Cafe

    0.47 mi from Haunted History Tours
    1 review
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    0.54 mi

    Bayou Hot Wings

    0.54 mi from Haunted History Tours
    1 review

    Very limited seating but the wings are awesome!

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    0.47 mi

    Naked Pizza

    0.47 mi from Haunted History Tours
    1 review

    Yes, Naked Pizza started just a few block from my house. Naked Pizza means healthy pizza. Features a very tasty ten grain crust (with healthy probiotic additives). To Go.

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    3.06 mi

    Cafe Du Monde

    3.06 mi from Haunted History Tours
    181 reviews

    Definitely on the beaten track--almost an interstate highway of clientele--but the sugar-drowned beignets and chicory coffee are divine at this classic French Quarter cafe. Located across from Jackson Square with lots of outdoor seating. Open 24/7 too.

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    2.42 mi

    Commanders Palace Restaurant

    2.42 mi from Haunted History Tours
    41 reviews

    old-school new orleans. had lunch here surrounded by ladies in large hats there for a fashion show...

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    2.77 mi

    Mother's Restaurant

    2.77 mi from Haunted History Tours

    Amazing delicious southern comfort food. Po boys, gumbo, even champagne. Bread pudding is a must, affordable price.

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    1.19 mi

    Jacques-Imo's Cafe

    1.19 mi from Haunted History Tours
    30 reviews

    Despite what their logo advertises – “Warm Beer. Lousy Food. Poor Service.” – Jacques-Imo’s has to be one of my FAVORITE New Orleans-style restaurants. Located on the revitalized Oak Street in the Uptown district of the city, it serves really good, truly New Orleans foods; that’s everything from Red Beans ‘n Rice to daily Fish Specials. However, the Shrimp and ...

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    2.88 mi

    Pat O'Brien's Courtyard Restaurant

    2.88 mi from Haunted History Tours

    This place seem like a tourist trap (and maybe it is), but I love it!! The reason why I love it is the dueling piano bar area. To sit in this area, it's etiquette to buy a drink or two. Unfortunately, there's no food allowed. There are many other areas in this place that serve food though.

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    2.65 mi

    Acme Oyster House

    2.65 mi from Haunted History Tours
    32 reviews

    Acme has life-changing chargrilled oysters. I took my mother for some on her first-ever visit to New Orleans. She did not stop talking about them for the year between her visits, and when she returned, her greatest delight was introducing them to my father as if she had invented them herself. That's how possessive you get about these oysters. It ...

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    2.86 mi

    Napoleon House

    2.86 mi from Haunted History Tours
    27 reviews

    All time favorite bar in New Orleans (and the world). No place like it. Great food, great cocktails, peeling paint, and the studio apartments upstairs- it's called Atmosphere. And I love it.

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    3.12 mi

    Central Grocery

    3.12 mi from Haunted History Tours
    24 reviews

    Mmmmm. Everyone who visits New Orleans should try this, at least once. And since they have no seating, it is the perfect stop before you head out in search of a picnic spot. There's plenty to be found!

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    2.81 mi

    Cochon Butcher

    2.81 mi from Haunted History Tours
    25 reviews

    Cochon Butcher is good. However, it was so over-hyped for me that it wasn't as good as I expected. I was disappointed that they just used plain white bread for their pork belly sandwich - if I'm paying $10 for a sandwich, I expect all the ingredients to be of a certain quality. Their special sandwich of the day with ...

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    2.86 mi

    The Court of Two Sisters

    2.86 mi from Haunted History Tours
    19 reviews

    This is my favorite restaurant in the Big Easy for Sunday brunch. Don't get me wrong. There are so many great brunch places. But when you can enjoy sitting in one of the French Quarter's courtyards while drinking a mimosa, you are certainly having a one-of-a-kind experience.

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