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    Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

    Hawaii, USA
    87 reviews

    Incredible and best seen from the air by helicopter. You won't see anything by bus and a helicopter virtually guarantees that you will see lava flows from Kilauea. Stunning.

  • 2

    Haleiwa (North Shore)

    Hawaii, USA
    51 reviews

    Everyone is relaxed and friendly out here on the north (wet) side. Small towns to explore with nice casual eating spots.

  • 3


    Hawaii, USA
    296 reviews

    Honolulu is a beautiful little city. With almost a million people, it has with everything you want and more: ocean, mountains, surf, beaches, arts, shopping, restaurants, bars, activities, festivals, history, and culture. It's constantly changing in technology, neighborhood improvements, businesses come and go, and moving at a pace on its own. It has a unique mix vibe, maybe because it's ...

  • 4


    Hawaii, USA
    36 reviews

    Kailua is a laid back beach town on Oahu's eastern Windward side. It's got fabulous Kailua Beach, Lanikai Beach, lots of vacation rental homes, good hiking and great places to eat.

  • 5


    Hawaii, USA
    28 reviews

    My favorite spot in the Hawaiian islands. It may rain a little every day, but it's the greenest place on the planet.

  • 6


    Hawaii, USA
    69 reviews

    There’s an old-timey charm to this former whaling village on the west side of Maui, where island royals hung out in the 19th century. The quaint architecture remains, as does the old jail where misbehaving sailors did time. It’s still a great place to see the whales, from December to May, and readers declared Lahaina their favorite warm-weather escape in ...

  • 7


    Hawaii, USA
    47 reviews

    The Road to Hana is world famous for the natural beauty of its unblemished landscapes and towering waterfalls. Maui is understandably proud of Heavenly Hana’s successful fight against overdevelopment and the destruction of their Hawaiian culture. Although Hāna is only about 52 miles/84km from Kahului, a typical trip to Hāna takes about three hours, as the road is very winding, ...

  • 8


    Hawaii, USA
    29 reviews

    If you want to hang with the locals and avoid the more touristy scenes in Maui, you need to go to the north shore. Paia is an old sugar cane town that's been taken over by a hippy-infused surf loving crew. Its a cute little town with several excellent restaurants, and is also the last real town you pass through ...

  • 9


    Hawaii, USA
    5 reviews

    Sweet little town on the north end of the east side of the island. Probably most well known for it's close proximity to the famous Waipio Valley. It's a quaint little town with some of the nicest and most friendly people. There isn't much to do but I really like they vibe. There is one delicious slow food restaurant. It's ...

  • 10


    Hawaii, USA
    22 reviews

    Hilo is small and quaint but manageable much better for living in than touring. I've spent much of the past year that I've been in Hawaii living in Hilo. I love the warm days sprinkled with intermittent rain to keep the temperatures from getting unbearably hot. For me the weather is perfect!

  • 11

    Lanai City

    Hawaii, USA
    11 reviews

    A great little community worth taking time to walk around and see what you find. There are two restaurants that I enjoy: Canoes and Blue Ginger situated next to each other; both with great local food in good sized portions. In the evenings, Lanai City Grille in the Lanai Hotel offers up some fantastic cuisine, often with live music performances. ...

  • 12


    Hawaii, USA
    22 reviews

    South of the condoville of Kihei, Wailea is the upper-crust resort enclave in South Maui. Not that that's a bad thing, though. The beaches are beautiful, with shoreline snorkeling and offshore scuba diving spots, most famously Molokini Crater (take a morning boat tour, rather than in the afternoon when it's most crowded and the waters are more murky). You've got ...

  • 13


    Hawaii, USA
    42 reviews

    This place helps you let go and simply relax. I could live here.

  • 14


    Hawaii, USA
    11 reviews

    Practically the end of the world for better and for worse! Pahoa located in the Puna region of Hawaii is one of the least developed areas of Hawaii. Big business and building have for the most part stayed away from this small haven because of the looming active volcano. Under Pele's, the Hawaiian fire/volcano goddess, protection this part of Hawaii ...

  • 15


    Hawaii, USA
    11 reviews

    Love the drive to the windward side. The cliffs of the Pali are breathtaking, usually lined with streams of waterfalls or shrouded in mist.

  • 16


    Hawaii, USA
    17 reviews

    A resort stretch of beaches north of Lahaina in Maui, the area's Black Rock Cove is a spectacular spot for snorkeling, probably the best and most accessible such place on the island. There's a spot for modest cliff-jumping overlooking the cove, but even if you stay firmly in the water, Ka'anapali rates as one of the finest beaches on the ...

  • 17


    Hawaii, USA
    7 reviews

    I lived in Haiku when I was on the island. Its not much of a town - probably not worth a visit if you are here for a week. But its a nice community in the beginnings of the jungly part of the island.

  • 18


    Hawaii, USA
    18 reviews

    Rent a car, grab a map, take your camera and go explore the island. There are so many breathtaking views literally right next to the road with so many 'vista points' along the way, it would almost be rude not to...

  • 19


    Hawaii, USA
    14 reviews

    Lived in Kula for about 6 years in a wonderful little "ohana" (it was an attached cottage). No other place on the island offers unobstructed views of both the north and south shore of Maui at the same time! It is truly magical. I would highly recommend taking a trip to this dreamy upcountry area and check out the sites; ...

  • 20


    Hawaii, USA
    16 reviews

    Kapalua is golf, pricey homes and condos, dramatic weather and cliffs.

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