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    • Romy's Prawns & Shrimp56-781 Kamehameha Highway, Kahuku, HI
      Mary Louise Dunkleson recommended Romy's Prawns & Shrimp
      There are so many shrimp trucks/restaurants on the North Shore driving down the east side through Kahuku. I think you can't go wrong with any of them.......after all they raise the shrimp right ... read more
      there!! I ate at Romy's and it was delicious. I think at any shrimp truck you'll pay between $13-17 a plate. But it's worth it!
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      Mary Louise Dunkleson

      check out Romy's and get the pan popo (coconut bread) while you wait for your order! or check out the shrimp farms next door.

    • Macky's Sweet Shrimp Truck# 66-632 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa, Oahu, HI 96712
      Rebecca recommended Macky's Sweet Shrimp Truck
      This is a phenomenal shrimp truck! I ate here just last week on my way from Turtle Beach. It's just a brightly painted truck with a few picnic tables. You get to order your shrimp in a few different ... read more
      ways (garlic butter, spicy, coconut etc.) and plates comes with rice, salad and pineapple and are only about $12. We had a fun time and the shrimp are delicious!
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    • Ted's Bakery59-024 Kamehameha Highway, Haleiwa, HI, United States
      Scott Kennedy recommended Ted's Bakery
      Across the road from Sunset Beach - Ted's is a North Shore instantiation. Pretty good coffee and the chocolate-coconut pie is as good as it sounds. The place to meet up, hang with locals and get ready ... read more
      to hit the surf.
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      Scott Kennedy

      another delicious and simple place to eat.

    • Sharks Cove Grill59-712 Kamehameha Highway, Haleiwa, HI, United States
      Scott Kennedy recommended Sharks Cove Grill
      Essential North Shore dining. Ramshackle beachside caravan serving amazing fish as you watch the waves crash over the road.
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      Scott Kennedy

      this is THE essential fish shack on the North Shore - check it out!

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