Takoyakushi-dori, Takakura Nishi-iru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 604-8141, Japan

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  • 1
    0.4 mi

    MOS Burger

    日本, 京都府京都市下京区四条通寺町東入御旅町29−2 大栄ビル
    0.4 mi from Hirashin
    3 reviews

    The fish burger is actually quite delicious!

  • 2
    0.71 mi

    伊藤ダイニング 京都 (ITOH DINING)

    日本, 京都府京都市東山区八坂新地末吉町80
    0.71 mi from Hirashin
    1 review

    You find yourself in Japan and you are in the mood for Kobe steak. But you just can't (or afford) to pluck down $1000 for a dinner for two. Well, by Japanese standards, this place is a bargain. 5 star dining for half (or less) the price can be found here. This place sits along a tranquil river in the ...

  • 3
    0.61 mi

    三条大橋 Kyoto,

    0.61 mi from Hirashin
    1 review
  • 4
    0.48 mi

    Honke Owariya

    日本, 京都府京都市中京区 車屋町通二条下ル仁王門突抜町322
    0.48 mi from Hirashin
    1 review

    A true culinary treasure. This is one of Kyoto's oldest restaurants, dating back more than 540 years. The specialty is Japanese Soba (buckwheat) noodles, made by hand on the premises. Lots of different styles - but best served cold. The building is very old, with lots of little rooms and tons of history.

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  • 5
    0.74 mi


    日本, 京都府京都市東山区新橋通大和大路東入元吉町61
    0.74 mi from Hirashin
    1 review
  • 6
    0.55 mi

    Pontocho Kappa Zushi

    160 Matsumotocho, Nakagyo-ku
    0.55 mi from Hirashin
    1 review

    The best sushi I've ever had thus far. Although Kyoto is not supposed to be as good as coastal cities, this is the easy winner at this point. Really incredible, great selections, ultra-friendly and funny chefs with good English capability (and an English menu) and a great restaurant atmosphere in a great area of Gion. Very highly recommended. Bear in ...

  • 7
    0.86 mi

    Suji Curry やまびこ

    日本, 京都府京都市中京区丸太町通西洞院東入田中町122
    0.86 mi from Hirashin
    1 review
  • 8
    0.53 mi

    Shabu Zen

    B1 Fuji Bldg 574
    0.53 mi from Hirashin
    1 review

    LIfe hasn't been the same since J-Shabu left the Denver area. I had to go to Japan to reconnect with the deliciousness of Shabu Shabu. A cool evening in Kyoto was the perfect place for the steaming pot of rolling broth gently turning and tumbling the vegetables. Platters of beef and pork made themsleves available for a swim in the ...

  • 9
    0.53 mi


    0.53 mi from Hirashin
    1 review

    Kyoto is famous for its tofu, which embodies the serenity and humility of the city's history, the vegetarian diet of its monks and the beauty and freshness of the mountains and the springs running through them to the city. According to my new dining acquaintance at Tousuiro, "atmosphere" makes Kyoto different from the other Japanese cities. In the quaint and ...

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  • 10
    0.99 mi

    Cuomo Pizza Salvatore Grill

    0.99 mi from Hirashin
    2 reviews

    Seriously, you can find good pizza in Kyoto. I mean reallllly great pizza! This little casual restaurant sits along a small river and offers some super awesome Italian food. Very informal casual setting and not expensive (by Japanese standards). If you are not in the mood for pizza, the pastas are also very good. Decent beer and wine selection as ...

  • 11
    0.81 mi


    日本, 京都府京都市下京区木屋町五条下ル西橋詰町798-1
    0.81 mi from Hirashin
    1 review

    Great little riverside cafe in Kyoto. A nice place to stop in for a coffee and catch your breath after a long walk. The shop is hit or miss but definitely has unique items and might be a good spot for an unusual but modern Japanese souvenir.

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  • 12
    0.45 mi

    Tsuruya Yoshinobu

    0.45 mi from Hirashin

    Tsuruya Yoshinobu (鶴屋吉信) is a dessert shop selling traditional Japanese sweets from 1803. You can get there from Kyoto station in 10 min by subway Karasuma line, getting off at Imadegawa station and walking another 10 min. With so may old Japanese sweet shops in Kyoto, what I particularly like about this shop is that they have seats to actually ...

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  • 13
    0.41 mi

    Holly's Cafe

    40 Otabicho, Shijo Kawaramachi-dori Higashi-iru, Simogyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
    0.41 mi from Hirashin
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  • 14
    0.53 mi

    Ryoanji Yudofuya

    Kyoto, Japan
    0.53 mi from Hirashin
    1 review

    It's not really the food you're going for. To be honest, the tofu hotpot is pretty expensive considering it's just tofu. But the view to look out is just out of this world. It's worth sitting in after a walk around Ryoanji.

  • 15
    0.68 mi

    Pig & Whistle

    日本, 115 Ohashi-cho,Higashi-iru, Sanjo Dori,Kyoto,605-0009
    0.68 mi from Hirashin
    1 review

    British Pub-ish feel, fun atmosphere. Mix of Japanese, expats and some tourist. Good beer selection, but pricey.

  • 16
    0.33 mi

    Mr. Young Men (ミスターヤングメン)

    312 Higashidaimonjicho, Teramachi Shijo-dori Agaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
    0.33 mi from Hirashin
    1 review

    It is a bit grimey and kind of dive-ish, but Mr. Young Men (great name BTW) offers a good selection of Japanese comfort items at reasonable prices. A nice spot to get some okonomiyaki. They also sell a hybrid of okonomiyaki called monjayaki. Had an interesting version of it which was like a combination of okonomiyaki and macaroni and cheese. ...

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  • 17
    0.42 mi

    Uoshin (魚心 河原町店)

    Kyoto ajibiru Kawaramachi building 1F, Authority of Kawaramachi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Article 3 lower ru 238, Yamasakimachi, 604-8032
    0.42 mi from Hirashin
    1 review
  • 18
    0.9 mi

    Coffee Windy

    0.9 mi from Hirashin
    1 review

    Best coffee since 1972

  • 19
    2.28 mi

    Tonkatsu Katsukura Kyoto Sanjo

    16 Ishibashi-cho, Sanjo Nishi-iru Kawaramachi-dori
    2.28 mi from Hirashin

    Best katsu here :))

  • 20
    1.29 mi

    Starbucks Coffee 京都タワー店 (Kyoto Tower)

    1.29 mi from Hirashin
    1 review

    Um local calmo para o pequeno almoço, antes de entrar na estação de Kyoto!

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