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Hollywood is a must for everyone to do once while they are in the LA area, but be warned: it's dirty, there are weird people and lots of bums. Sadly, the Hollywood area is poorly taken care and is very touristy. As someone who was born and raised in southern CA, it never struck me as something amazing, but I ...

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Cities near Hollywood for History Buffs

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  • 1

    Beverly Hills

    California, USA
    62 reviews

    After a week of heat...i miss this gloomy wearher so much. Haha!

  • 2

    West Hollywood

    California, USA
    38 reviews

    West Hollywood is renowned for its nightlife, celebrity culture and diverse atmosphere. It is an independent city of 1.9 square miles located along Santa Monica Boulevard from Doheny to La Brea Avenue. The city has large gay, Jewish and eastern European populations. More than one-third of the population identify themselves as LGBT. Following its 1984 incorporation West Hollywood elected the ...

  • 3

    Universal City

    California, USA
    12 reviews

    Grinchmas at Universal Studios was a pretty cool installment. They had real snow too! Don't go if u don't wanna get beat up by your nieces with snowballs.

  • 4

    Los Angeles

    California, USA
    508 reviews

    I'd like to live here. I think LA give anyone the possibility to dream and realize the american dream!

  • 5

    Santa Monica

    California, USA
    145 reviews

    Love Santa Monica Beach and Promenade. Go there often with grandkids to spend the day by the ocean and to have dinner at one of the outdoor cafes on the Promenade. Good shopping and always something to see.

  • 6

    Manhattan Beach

    California, USA
    67 reviews

    Pro: + Walking distance to majority of store and restaurant in Manhattan. + Pretty clean and not too crowded beach + City offer free meter parking in holiday season + Great view, can see the whole beach shore all the way to Redondo beach. + Has a Strand + You can see a lot of surfer even when is cold. ...

  • 7


    California, USA
    50 reviews

    I love Venice. Cool vibes, surf, stretches of gorgeous beach, bars & shops. The boardwalk is sure to amaze you, performers & weirdness that makes it so fantastic!

  • 8


    California, USA
    36 reviews

    City of Pasadena is big, with over 130,000 population. My review will be based on zipcode 91106 only. Which is the area that covers two college campus (PCC and Cal Tech) Thumbs UP: + Parking is nightmare for the resident who live the two campus, students would likely park in their street spot. They need to enforce two hours parking ...

  • 9

    Hermosa Beach

    California, USA
    21 reviews

    One of my favorite things to do in a new large city is find a neighborhood outside of the main touristy areas and spend the day. Hermosa Beach is the perfect version of this for Los Angeles. Sure, Malibu's beaches are more attractive, but Hermosa's beach is lined by The Strand bike path (act out your LA self by renting ...

  • 10

    Redondo Beach

    California, USA
    25 reviews

    Beautiful beaches and the waterfront offers a slew of awesome restaurants that feature the freshest seafood! Look for the food stalls that seem fresh sea urchin!

  • 11

    Culver City

    California, USA
    16 reviews

    Born in Santa Monica in 1954 and lived here until I was 20 years old and could not imagine a better place to grow up. Very small, friendly town where all the store people knew you by name and no one ever was a stranger. Don't know if it still has that quality now, but was the best place for ...

  • 12


    California, USA
    12 reviews

    City of Arcadia located East of Pasadena and West of Monrovia. Only have slight over 50,000 population but have several attractions. Cost of Living: * Housing is consider high, but many upper middle class should able to afford some of the housing or rent there. The one near the hill is very pricey. No street parking meter, but overnight parking ...

  • 13

    Monterey Park

    California, USA
    4 reviews

    Come here for all the wonderful Chinese restaurants! This is the real Chinatown!!! Get your Chinese food craving here satisfied!

  • 14

    Temple City

    California, USA
    3 reviews

    This is a small city in between Arcadia and El Monte, and San Gabriel. It is consider the safest of them three, due to smaller population with almost no gang association. The house price here is in the high side but is less than Arcadia. There's a lot to do in this city is really more idea for raising the ...

  • 15

    San Marino

    California, USA
    4 reviews

    This is basically the 626 of Beverly Hill, fancy and very pricey home. Unlike Bevery, this place is not really tourist spot at all, there's lack of shop and restaurant here. It is mostly a true definition of resident area, just home. This is probably the safest city in L.A.

  • 16

    Marina del Rey

    California, USA
    21 reviews

    Cool modern architecture, beautiful weather and homes. There are lots of options in terms of activities from dining to gyms but they tend to be chains which is why I give the area 4 stars

  • 17


    California, USA
    14 reviews

    Burbank has a nice little strip by the promenade that has some good restaurants that are pretty popular some good stores and so on. Good place to go every once and a whole.

  • 18

    San Gabriel

    California, USA
    8 reviews

    Forget about Chinatown, this one has much better restaurant and shops. This one is central located close to nearby city with high asian population.

  • 19


    California, USA
    8 reviews

    City of Alhambra is located south of Pasadena and North of Monterrey Park. Thumbs Up: + All the city surround Alhambra except in the east side is safe... + Most street is clean + Crime rate is very low similar to Monterey Park. + Housing price similar to Pasadena but far better public schools + Great variety of restaurant, main ...

  • 20


    California, USA
    4 reviews

    Torrance is a hidden gem in Los Angeles' South Bay and a great way to maximize your travel dollar. Incredible weather, stunning beaches, great shopping, family friendly, quaint museums, picturesque scenery and very close to Southern California's major attractions. There are a wide range of hotel accommodations - from budget to deluxe, and within proximity to the gorgeous stretch of ...

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