My Guide to Aspen

Discover the top things to do and places to eat near my Aspen property for your next vacation.
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Maroon Bells

This is a must see in the summer. Great hiking for everyone in the family and a view that is drop-dead gorgeous. Also a great spot for cross-country skiing in the winter!

Independence Pass

With our house on the east side of aspen, you are in walking and biking distance to all the incredible things along the road to independence pass. Many great hikes, streams, and mountain lakes along the way! And don't forget to look to the right after you enter the gates to the pass from Aspen to see Kevin...

Buttermilk Mountain

The best place in the world for young kids to learn skiing! And once a year the X-games are here and you can watch Sean White put on quite an airshow!

Matsuhisa - Aspen

Make sure you get a reservation well in advance, but this is probably the premier sushi restaurant in the US! Some of the most creative and delicious Japanese food you'll find anywhere...and some great star watching too! But bring a fat wallet - this one is going to cost you!...

Peach's Corner Cafe

Perfect place to grab a quick healthy lunch. Order over the counter and get a great smoothie, fresh salad, or one of many daily specials. Quick service and tables both inside and out....and by aspen standards priced pretty reasonably!

Jimmy's an American Restaurant & Bar

Just a good old high-end steakhouse and seafood restaurant. High end, but not the most expensive in Aspen, and easier to get a table than some of Aspen's other "premier restaurants. Nothing too creative - just awesome comfort food that is expertly prepared....

Woody Creek Tavern

This is a must-do for bikers. Ride your bike down the Ute Trail and catch a cab back after some great beer and wine, and Woody Creek's classic burgers and fresh trout. This is a historic bar and restaurant and the former hangout of Hunter Thompson and the joint is littered with amazing pictures of both...