My Guide to Zanzibar

Discover the top things to do and places to eat near my Tanzania property for your next vacation.
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Zanzibar Spice Tour

We'll lead you through this unique visit to the old farms of the spice island.

Darajani Market

One visit to the old market will show you the real african spirit.

Anglican Cathedral

A very special place, you will never think to find in Zanzibar.

Mangapwani Slave Caves

A must-see in Zanzibar, to get through its history of centuries.

Serengeti National Park

We normally assist our guests for organizing their safari as well. The Serengeti is a marvelous place, where all types of visitors can have an unforgettable experience, being in the middle of the wild world, from where also humans originated.

Selous Wilderness Camp

Another fantastic reserve on mainland. This is a game easy to be done also in 3 days only. We suggest to chose a tented camp to stay close to the many rivers that cross the region.

Pungume atoll

An incredible bank of sand in the middle of the ocean. We go there from the time it has been discovered as a possible destination. Our guests are always advised to go and enjoy it.