My Guide to Puntarenas

Discover the top things to do and places to eat near my Puntarenas property for your next vacation.
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Manuel Antonio National Park

One of the best national parks in Costa Rica, it's less than an hour from Casa de Abuela. There are beautiful pristine beaches and lots of close up sightings of wildlife like capuchin monkeys and three-toed sloths.

Arenal Volcano

About four hours from Casa de Abuela, the Arenal Volcano National Park has beautiful hot springs parks with lush vegetation. And at last report Arenal was still having lots of activity.

Parque Nacional Palo Verde

Wonderful place to take a boat ride to see howler monkeys and six-foot iguanas.

Marriott Los SueƱos Ocean & Golf Resort

Beautifully done, relaxing and quiet. Great place to have a drink or a pleasant dinner.